The rings of the Saturn are making sounds like a bell allowing the researchers to have a deeper insight of the planet. The rings are the result of the seismic waves pushed by the gravitational forces. Through a new study, researchers observed that an increased layering of a large part of the planet’s interior.

In 2004, when NASA Cassini arrived at Saturn, researchers found out something strange about the rings. Earlier, rings oscillated in a single wave, but later researchers found out that rings oscillated in small clusters of waves, explaining the gravity presence in the core of the planet.

The layers of the planet make it hard for the researchers to collect the data. These giant balls of gas with no solid surfaces are observed using different methods like studying the planet’s magnetic field.

According to, a researcher from the California Institue of Technology, Christopher Mankovich says, “What’s really special about [gravity waves] is that their mere existence requires that at least part of that deep interior to be relatively calm and stable rather than convective.”

News | NASA Saturn Mission Prepares for 'Ring-Grazing Orbits'

Earlier, a study suggested that the hot fluid interiors of the giant planets pushed heat outward but recently when scientists observed the gravitational forces, they suspect the presence of solid ingredients like a rock beneath the lighter helium and hydrogen. The presence of gravity waves can cause the planet to ring like a bell.

Mankovich said “The detection of internal gravity waves in Saturn through ring seismology is now one of the scant pieces of hard evidence that a significant fraction of Saturn’s interior is stably stratified rather than convective. This translates into the whole planet ringing like a bell.”

“These waves are really only obvious at a very fine scale,” Mankovich said. “Cassini made it possible to study these waves in exquisite detail by making the journey to Saturn to study the system up close and personal.”

Also, Mankovich added, ” It will be a fascinating next few years as the full implications of the multi-instrument Cassini data are worked out.”

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