We have always dreamt to colonize Mars, but what if it would demand us to be a little less human?

Alienating other planets may demand some tweaks to human species basic blueprint. NASA’s plan of a crewed mission to Mars in the 2030s will demand more health safety precautions. Exposing to high radiation loads and bone wasting microgravity will be hazardous to human life. Humans who want to stay on Mars permanently need to stay safe and healthy.

An astrobiologist and geomicrobiologist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston, Kennda Lynch, said, “Genetic engineering and other advanced technologies may need to come into play if people want to live and work and thrive, and establish their family, and stay on Mars.”

Already, all the space agencies take measure to keep their astronauts safe and healthy so, considering this, enhancement in genetics won’t be a huge conceptual leap. Researchers will need to keep all the measures safe for the astronauts.

Mason said, “And are we maybe ethically bound to do so? I think if it’s a long enough mission, you might have to do something, assuming it’s safe, which we can’t say yet.”

Mason added, “If we ever get there, those are the cases where the human body would be almost completely fried by the amount of radiation. There, it would be certain death unless you did something, including every kind of shielding you could possibly provide.”

What Is Genetic Engineering?

The study based on the alteration of an organism’s traits by directly manipulating the DNA. It is used in researches to enhance or modify the traits of an organism.

Alteration in human traits may allow the astronauts to travel farther than Mars in future. We may use genetic alteration to travel to Jupiter’s moon Europa. It is certainly out of question right now, as the Europa harbours o the heart of the radiation belt of the Jupiter.


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