Researchers have found evidence which indicates the formation of Mars ring.

Mars have two moons – Deimos and Phobos. Deimos and Phobos were formed at the same time as the red planet. Being distant from the planet, Deimos takes more than a Martian day to complete a round, but Phobos comes closer to the planet in every 7.5 hours.

According to Matija Ćuk, SETI Institute in California, Mars would have had rings which were destroyed and formed in a cycle producing Phobos.

Earlier, researchers suggested the formation of Mars’ moon is a result of debris ejection during the collision of Mars and a giant impactor. However, in the 236th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, the researchers have suggested that for billions of years, martian moons have been recycled into rings, getting moulded into new and smaller moons since then.

Researchers are expecting the cycle for Phobos sooner.

The inward movements of the Phobos are indicating that the cycle of destruction of Phobos, due to the gravitational force of Mars, and formation of the ring would start sooner.

Matija Ćuk says, “[Each time] there is less and less mass, you have rings that last longer and longer.”

Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) plans to launch a mission to Phobos as a part of the Martian Moons eXploration mission (MMX). This is planned for 2024. The mission of this launch will be to collect the data on the moon and gather samples from the Phobos surface and then, send it to the Earth.

“I do theoretical calculations for a living,” said Ćuk. “And they are good, but getting them tested against the real world now and then is even better.”
Scientists will do further study of these samples under some sophisticated lab environment and using some advanced lab equipment.

By gaining knowledge of the current and past rings in our solar system, scientists plan to get a better grasp behind the reason of rings formation around a planet.

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