The Vine Witch was released on October 21, 2019. Since so long readers were looking forward to its second part. The Glamourist is released today.

Some readers said that they just knew that they are going to love this book without even its description. Luanne G. Smith has made a huge fanbase just by releasing her debut novel The Vine Witch.

The Glamourist, a spellbinding novel, is a story of an abandoned child, Yvette Lenoir who has longed to uncover her magical heritage secrets and tap her suppressed power. It is a novel of self-discovery and bloodiness.

Luanne G Smit, lives in Colorado at the base of the beautiful rocky mountains, is the bestselling author of her first debut book the Vin Witch. She enjoys readin, hiking, f=gardening an =d a glass of wine at the end of the day.

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