Who doesn’t like to play video games? Most of the people out there love to play video games. And getting paid to play games is undeniable.

Online video gaming is a fun past-time and turning it into your full-time income source will be the cherry on top of ice-cream. So many gamers are earning in six to eight figures through online gaming.

So many young people try to do it, but they give up in just a few months. But you can’t have success overnight. Saying that you are a pro and being an actual pro are two different things. To become a pro, first, you need to accept that you are a noob.

After this, the real game and hard work start to make it all work. Now, only if you are single and willing to commit several years, choose this way. Otherwise, just stop reading it.

Go ahead if you can ask people to shutup when they ask you to quit.

So, here are the 5 potential ways to make money by playing video games.

1. Create Guides & Tutorials

Yes yes, you are a noob and that’s why this should be the first and the best way to do it. Why? Because there are many other noobs out there seeking to know how to start. So as you learn, tell them whatever you learn.

For this, you can either create a website or have a YouTube channel or publish eBooks (only if you have that much content). You can monetize your website and YouTube channel. For ebooks, you will earn through its sales.

Is it difficult?

Anyone can start with a guide. To make it popular, give greater insight to your audience. If you’re a pro, then you are all set to do this. Enhance your formatting skills while writing an ebook. Also, go for popular games to have a greater audience.

2. Start A YouTube Channel

If you are a pro and you think that people can watch and learn techniques from you, do not even think twice to have a YouTube channel. Just go for it. You can post daily, weekly or monthly as per your convenience, but be consistent.

Also, you can publish a series of interview with high profile gamers, tips and tricks for a particular game and whatever new idea come to your mind. These videos can be monetised with ads.

Is it difficult?

You need to have a larger audience. And if you have a good following, then you can do it easily by promoting it everywhere. Also, live streams can help you here.

3. Win Tournaments And Get Sponsorships

Only for pro.

Nowadays, tournaments have become very common. The popular games attract larger prize pools. If you think that you’re talented ad skilled enough to join a tournament, go for it. Through sponsorships and winning tournaments, you will be able to earn enough to make a good living.

Is it difficult?

Yes. It takes a lot to not give up. Sometimes, it happens that the world-class player gets knocked out early and leaves with no winnings. One should never quit. Also, the esports industry has just started and plagued enough to not pay a few players what they promise.

4. Go For Games Journalism

You can start your own website and upload news, reviews and other tips for different games. Or you can join some existing websites. Go for the journals that pay good and at the same time make sure to submit a great content.

Is it difficult?

This is a competitive field. With the advancing internet usage, gamers are getting on fire. So, you really need to have greater insights to get higher engagements.

5. Become A Game Developer

Uh-huh? Yes, you can become a solo game developer and earn revenues through sales.

Is it difficult?

Yes, you need to know a programming language. If you are good at it, then it’s quite easy. But you will need to have patience and willpower to make the entire game.

These are five potential ways to make money by playing video games. Tell us which one is helping you? What other ways have you used to reach where you are?

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