Propelling a new batch of 58 Starlink internet satellites along with 3 small Earth-observation satellites. Yesterday (June 13), SpaceX successfully launched its firs t rideshare mission into the orbit.

On the bright day with clear sky, the rocket was launched, leaving a nebula-like cloud behind it.

Referring to the missions Starlink 8, a SpaceX launch commentator said, “Liftoff of Falcon 9 and Starlink Ocho.”

It was the second Starlink mission of this month with one more, scheduled for June 22. SpaceX is benefiting from its latest technology of fleet of flight-proven boosters of Falcon 9.

This was the ninth bulk Starlink launch. This was the third time SpaceX recovered the Falcon 9 boosters on the drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. In August 2019, SpaceX announced the rideshare mission and this mission is the beginning of the rideshare mission.

Jessie Anderson, SpaceX’s Lead Manufacturing engineer said that the contract for the three satellites from SkySat was signed six months ago. A second Starlink rideshare is supposed to be held on June which will send 21 SkySat satellite. SpaceX signed for SkySat rideshare with the Planet.

Also, in a recent interview, Earth-observation company, BlackSky says that it has 2 satellites scheduled to be launched on June 24 with SpaceX. In June itself, SpaceX has conducted four launches – 3 Starlink satellites and 1 crew Dragon.

SpaceX was planning to conduct two Starlink launches a month throughout 2020, but due to the current times, it has reduced it to one launch per month. To date, SpaceX has launched 540 satellites.

In April, Elon Musk tweeted that Private beta begins in ~3 months, public beta in ~6 months, starting with high latitudes.

SpaceX expects to begin with its service over the Canada and the United States late this year.

Also, now prospective customers can sign up for news and service availability announcements as SpaceX has updated its website on June 12. SpaceX is taking the game on the next level.

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