Vipul Singh is the CEO of Aarav Unmanned System and Vice President of Drone Federation of India. His parents own a Dosa café in Varanasi which has more than 100 varieties of dosas, he learnt to swim in the holy waters of the Ganga by the local fishermen there, he did his graduation aerospace engineering because he felt inspired from cartoons and currently is an entrepreneur making drones for a living.

Jibran had an interview with this cool and amazing personality. Check out what message he has for you.

1. How did you get the idea and concept for this business?

Vipul: I was quite inspired toward having my own company I think from the very first of year BTech itself were one of my classmates Yashwant, who happens to be my co-founder as well.  We were discussing that there are very little opportunities for people in Aerospace engineering and we all came from the background where we specifically wanted to be aerospace engineers, that’s why we enrolled in the college for that particular programme.

So, we were exploring different options, what we can do, and why being in college we thought that why not start with changing a certain set of infrastructures that the college has. We started playing around with whatever we could utilise at that point of time and whatever we could modify in our labs to make them better for certain experiments. So that’s where our journey started and we started participating in various competitions.

Over a period of time when we became more active in extracurricular or co-curricular activities beyond what the academic curriculum allows us to do or asks us to or expects generally from a student. We got exposure of what’s happening in the world and global level and other advancements either through documentaries or blogs, or the network of people we developed over social media. So that show it began and we are here now.

2. Recently the market for UAV’s is changing a lot with new opportunities. UAV’s are getting authorisation for making deliveries. What are your thoughts on that? Are you planning to bring any changes in the near future?

Vipul: See, as a part of Drone Federation of India, yes we have to create an ecosystem which enables all other different opportunities and ecosystems but as a company, you have to choose your battle and then decide your team as well. So shape up your team, focus your direction, your investments. You can’t afford to keep on moving from one point to another. Too much diversification will decrease the bandwidth of your focus and once that happens, your sharpness your edge in the market decreases. So, right now as a company, we are more focused toward our goal which we keen upon however, we are keeping all options open.

As an enthusiast, as industry players and as people who are setting the benchmark and know that what ecosystem delivers all these kind of different capabilities, we are playing our role in basic brainstorming different ways the India ecosystem should evolve, around academics, around research, around policy, regulation so that all other used cases could become a reality and India can come up as the leading nation and not the following nation.

3. Can you share your one memorable moment or a crazy incident from your college or your school that you would always cherish?

 Vipul: There’s going to be a lot of new controversies which will emerge if I tell you those stories.

But yeah! I will tell you two sides of the crazy part okay. One of the crazy parts was to change the status quo the college itself. We realised that no one was doing anything practical there, as in everyone was being only as practical which would give them good marks in exams and vivas.

We realised that this was not going to take us where we basically plan to get after the college gets over. So there has to be a good amount of validation of what we are doing here and we had to find various ways to get exposed to and get integrated with what’s happening in other colleges. Especially, bigger and better institutions where they had better infrastructure so one thing we did in the very first year was that without thinking too much we participated in one of the Tech Fests.

You would be surprised to know that we were the first team in the entire history of our college to actually go out and participate in a Tech Fest, and not only that we actually ended up winning the second time we went out. The first year was ore of understanding how these fests work and in the second year, we competed and won the first prize. So we became the superstars of our college. And then following years, other people started getting sponsorship for such fests and competitions and then it became a very common thing for everyone.

Apart from this crazy, another part of the fun crazy would be the nuisance that we used to do. One memory I have was during the Diwali time. Our seniors were fun people. So one of the senior brought a cracker and asked me to blow it in front of the staffroom, and I did it. I created a proper plan, put it into a garbage bag so that no one notices it.

I put it into the staff dustbin and then blew off the dustbin and I never got caught. So my image was that of one of the most studious students in the college throughout the 4 years, never did people got to know that there happened certain strategic nuisance and we were responsible for that.

Watch the complete interview here

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