Happy Father’s Day!

The ongoing state of the world can’t stop us from celebrating the special day. That doesn’t mean that we are asking you to go out of your house. We want to be safe and also, celebrate this splendid day.

Today we are going to tell you the eleven best ways to make your dad feel special this father’s day. These are the heart-touching ways to win over your dad’s heart.

1. Gift Them A Record Player

Don’t buy them one because nowadays, you can record anything on your phone. Introduce them to record player. But what’s so great about it?

As people grow old, they want to save their memories. Yes, we can do it by clicking pictures, but sometimes a picture for a moment is not enough. Sometimes we have words.

Learn, sing and record a song in the record player. Play it on their special day and tell them they can also do so and then they can keep those files saved in their laptops.

2. Make A Card

This is one of the best ways to show your love, especially if you’re above 20. Most of us forget that our parents appreciate hand made gifts from their child. So, this fathers day you can gift them a beautiful big hand made card. Here are some ideas for it.

3. Decorate His Room

Sounds funny right because why? Dad’s are all about work and being strict. So, decorate his room that way. Make a vision board and put it on the wall of his room. Place some sticky notes on the side table. Get him a new diary and a pen. Get him a separate diary for a to-do list. Buy him a few books and place them on his table or his bookshelf. Get a calendar and put it up. He will be super impressed.

4. Stuff The Refrigerator With His Favourite Foods & Beverages

This idea definitely works. This is more like decorating your refrigerator for your dad. Buy his favourite food items, fruits, pudding, etc and also, beer, or whatever he likes. Place them all in the refrigerator. You can do this with small notes too. Then close the refrigerator and put a ribbon and poster saying Happy Father’s Day on it.

5. Watch His Favourite Movie With Him

Set up a small home theatre in your room. Get some popcorns and drinks and then watch your dad’s favourite movie. Also, stay quiet during the movie.

6. Make A Video

You can make a solo video in which you can just wish him or tell him about your favourite days with him. You can also ask your cousins and record short videos and then merge it all together. If you have kids as well, then you can do a little dance or sing a song with them for your dad.

7. Host A Small Family Puppet Show

This is the most exciting idea of all. You won’t just surprise him by hosting a puppet show, but you’ll also enjoy it to the fullest. You can take help of your mom, or if you have siblings, then nothing can stop you.

Here are some ideas of hosting a puppet show –

8. Bake A Cake

The most common of all, but not to worry because you can make it much more exciting by decorating it with his favourite flavour icing. Also, you can bake a small cake of his initials by using chocolates.

9. Celebrate With Fireworks

Yes, you have got any crackers left, go for fireworks. You can also set up fireworks for every year you have been with him.

10. Make A Thank You Book

Get one beautiful diary and then post his and your pictures on it. Write your feelings and show him how grateful you are to have him in your life.

11. Compile The Video Of His Favourite Sports Tournaments

Find all the videos of your dad’s favourite sports tournaments and then compile them all. Get some popcorns and drinks and watch it with him.

Tell us in the comments section below which idea worked for you.

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