A solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are aligned in a straight line configuration in such a way that the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth blocking the passage of sun rays to the Earth. There are three kinds of solar eclipse based on alignment. These are total, annual and partial eclipse.

The solar eclipse occurring today is annular eclipse in which the Moon is so far from Earth that it can’t cover the Sun entirely due to it small size, leaving the outer rims visible and thus, forming a ring of fire.

Today, the solar eclipse will start at 9:15 AM IST and will last till 3:04 PM IST. At 12:10 IST, the eclipse will be at its peak.

The ring of fire is visible from most of Asia, Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Also, from some parts of Europe and Australia, one can witness the solar eclipse.

According to Nehru Planetarium, in India, solar eclipse will be first witnessed from Bhuj at 9:58 AM. And it will last till 2:29 PM.

Why Not Look At The Ring of Fire Directly?

Looking at the Sun directly can damage the retina of your eyes permanently, so we recommend you to use special goggles, welder’s shield to see the solar eclipse.

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