Title: Murder In Mesopotamia

Author: Agatha Christie

Genre: Crime Fiction

Publisher: Collins Crime Club

Published On: 6th July 1996

Rating: 4/5

A murder mystery with many suspects but no evidence.

This time Agatha Christie takes her readers to Iraq in the backdrop of archaeology and excavation.

What Is The Book About?

Amy Leatheran arrives at the dig near Hassanieh after being requested by an archaeologist Dr Leidner to take care of his wife Louisa Leidner. But as soon as she arrives, she finds herself in a bizarre situation amongst the eerie members at the dig.

Lousia was very frightened as she had been constantly receiving threatening letters from her ex-husband who was no more alive. Everyone at the dig thought her to be an attention seeker, but she was not. Everything turns upside down when Ms Leidner is suddenly found to be dead. Fortunately, when the great detective Hercule Poirot takes over the case there is a ray of hope. He tries to unveil each aspect and examine each suspect with his far-sighted companion Nurse Leatheran. But again there is another murder. Now, who is the murderer? Is murder really a habit? Was there someone who avenged Ms Leidner or was her ex-husband alive?

My Opinions

This book is definitely a page-turner. It keeps the readers quite engaged. It’s really difficult to guess the real murderer among all the suspects. Every character is so vibrant and vivid. Mr Poirot, as usual, had his aura. He was very well assisted by Nurse Leatheran. In true Christie fashion, Hercule Poirot happened to be vacationing in Baghdad at the time. He was summoned to the dig site to unravel the mystery by using his grey cells to deduce the truth. 

The writing style is simple and fast-paced which makes the book unputdownable with a touch of French in it.

I liked the storyline as well as the way each character is portrayed in Agatha-Christie-style. The book was quite riveting. The only drawback is that, if one has read Christie earlier then the end would seem quite predictable.


One of my favourite lines from the book are –

“There’s a convention that one doesn’t speak ill of the dead. That’s stupid, I think. The truth’s always the truth. On the whole, it’s better to keep your mouth shut about living people. You might conceivably injure them. The dead are past that. But the harm they’ve done lives after them sometimes.”

Who Should Read This Book?

I recommend Murder In Mesopotamia for the beginners as well as for thriller lovers. If one is into the crime fiction genre then it is a must-read.

Who Is The Author?

10 Things You May Not Know About Agatha Christie - HISTORY

Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, Lady Mallowan, DBE was an English writer known for her sixty-six detective novels and fourteen short story collections. Murder In Mesopotamia is one of her famous works. Guinness World Records lists Christie as the best-selling fiction writer of all time, her novels having sold over two billion copies. She is known as the Queen of Murder Mystery.

Aryashree Nanda

Aryashree Nanda

Aryashree Nanda is from Odisha. She is a law aspirant and has big dreams in her life. She enjoys reading books.
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