Are you sick of reading 30 pages in 3 days? Do you have a lot of paperwork to get through before the deadline? Do you have a big pile of books waiting on your shelf? Have you ever wished to read at a lot faster rate?

So, today you will learn how to read faster. These five ways can help you to boost your reading speed by multiple times.

1. Just Read While Reading

Do you find yourself speaking the words in your head while you read? This is known as sub vocalisation, a habit which most of the readers develop. This originated from the very age when our teacher asked us to read in our head while she read it aloud.

To boost your reading speed, you need to overcome this on priority. The reading speed of an average human is the same as ones speaking speed. So, when you will get rid of sub vocalisation, your reading speed will automatically pace up.

To get rid of this, you can try reading while listening to instrumental music in headphones. Yes, it will be acting as a distraction and distraction is necessary here as it will keep your focus away from sub vocalisation.

2. Read Multiple Words

Reading multiple words at a time is the super powerful way to boost your reading speed. This is known as word-chunking. One can read several words at a time and still understand the entire article or book.

Try reading three words with one glance. Read this entire article with the same technique. You will find yourself completing this article in lesser time. To begin with, draw two vertical lines parallelly using pencil on a page of your book. Now, cover the other two sections using your hand. Read the first section as it is one part. Continue doing this until you become a faster reader.

3. Read A Line At A Glance

Now, don’t get attached to the habit of reading in chunks, but try to develop a habit of reading one line at a glance. To do this, use peripheral vision. Does it sound impossible? It’s not. You just need to practice it.

Reading using peripheral vision involves looking at the centre of the page and reading the rest of the line. Here’s an exercise which will help you to achieve this.

Sit or stand and keep your focus straight ahead. Now, stretch your hands on either side. Stick the thumb up towards the sky. Now, without moving your head, try looking to your left and then right. Repeat this ten times every day.

4. Set A Goal

So, when you will have a time specified goal, you will be able to read faster. By setting a goal, you are holding yourself responsible for it. You can set your goal on the basis of a number of pages per day or hour or minute.

5. Always Use A Timer

Now, this is the last but important way to check your progress. Start with one minute. Write down the number of pages you’ve read. This will help you to improve.

Read more and always keep a pencil. You can also, use finger while reading. If you aren’t much of a reader and you are looking for a book to develop the reading habit, then here are the books that can help you.

Share your reading experiences with us in the comment section below.

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