We are obsessed with Arpit Vageria’s romantic novels. Arpit brought his personal experiences and some of his fave real-life settings to his novels.

Teresa got to chat with Arpit Vageria about his journey to success, how he overcame his challenges and the important message at the heart of his work. He is an author of the books – You Are My Reason To Smile, I Still Think About You, Be My Perfect Ending and Love Knows No LOC. Also, he is a television scriptwriter and a storyteller who wins the heart of the people with his amazing words.

Interview with Arpit Vageria 
Hosted by Teresa Patel
Arpit Vageria

Check out what he had to say below.

How did you start writing your own novel and at what time?

Arpit: I was doing my graduation, in fact, I just entered into my graduation and started reading a few books of different genres. Usually, when a guy enters into the college the very first thing, he wants to do is impress a girl and I was no different. So, for the first time, I fell in love with a girl. I wondered what needs to be done to impress a girl, as some students in college, were good at playing the guitar, some were good in sports, some of them were singers, dancers, painters, etc. and I was just Arpit Vageria. Anything I could relate myself with was reading and writing. So, I thought that I too need to do something. I decided to write a novel and most probably about our story and get published. And then after that, I’ll go and surprise her with my book and tell her that I’m a writer. It was actually a very lame plan but that’s how I started writing.

Your very first book “I still think about you” when was it published and what was the journey like?

Arpit: So, not many people know but “I still think about you” is my second book. My first book was “Chockolate Sauce: Smooth Dark Sinful” released in 2012. The novel “I still think about you” came after 4 years. What happened was, like every aspiring writer, even I wanted my book to be published, so I mailed many writers asking about the procedure. Got rejections for about 6 months, while I was working on my 10th draft a publisher agreed to publish my book. It was a 2 lakh words manuscript, but after editing and compilation, a 67,000 words book was released. I never promoted that book much because that publisher didn’t pay me for my royalty so I thought there was not use of promoting that book as all my hard work went in vain.

Maybe sometime in the future I would republish it again, as first books are always special. You put in your everything to your first book because you want it to be perfect. Be it your first book, or first baby or first home it’s always has a very special place in your heart.

Did you ever write about someone from real life or an extract from your real life, which can only be understood by people who personally know you?

Arpit: Yes, yes many a times I’ve written some extracts from my real life. In fact most of the times my readers think that I’ve written my own story, be it any novel, “Chockolate Sauce: Smooth Dark Sinful”, “I still think about you”, “You are my reason to smile”, “Be my perfect ending” or “Love knows no LOC”.

Some days back a reader asked me, sir, “Have you visited Pakistan?” and I said, “no, it’s not Arpit(me) it’s Kabeer, it’s the character who has visited Pakistan.”

Would you like to share one of the incidents that are mentioned in the novel and happened in real life also?

Arpit: Let me tell you from the novel “You are my reason to smile”, that particular fight scene between Lakshya and his boss is actually inspired by my real life. That boss’s character was actually my fuckin’ boss. So, as this book came into print, I gifted it to my boss. I usually don’t gift my books to anybody but I gave it to him and told him to read that particular chapter and see how I’ve nailed you in my book. He was all smiles after that and said it’s good that you’ve gotten into writing and all. So, this is a particular scene that is an extract from my real life.

What do you enjoy more, writing television script or novel?

Arpit: I enjoy writing novels when I really want to write something meaningful and I enjoy writing television script when my bank balance is zero.

I’m very blunt about it. I bear my expenses with the money I earn by writing television script. What happens is many of the people start with television script and films and then write novels. I follow a very strict rule with television script writing. I don’t write any saas-bahu vala serial, or where two neighbours fell in love and ran away to get married and ended up knowing that the other is already married to someone else.

I only write comedy, if comedy wouldn’t have been a part of television script writing I would not have taken up television script writing in the first place.

Can you describe one of your typical writing days.

Arpit: Instead of that, I would like to share one of the incidents with you. My novel “Love knows no LOC” is based on it not actually based but it definitely gave me an idea about it. So what happened was, I was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai, after the promotion of my book “you are my reason to smile” at World book fair in Pragati Maidan. I was travelling by train as I love train journeys more than flights. So, I met this big family there. They were 9-10 members travelling together. Well, I do not usually carry my food with me, so I talk to the families around me for they will surely offer food to me (hahaha).

It so happened that I was talking with this family and got to know that 4 generations of their family were travelling together. There was this old person, he must be around 90-92 when I told him that I’m a writer, I write this and that, so he said why don’t you write my story. I asked, “Why, what’s your story?”, he said, “I was born in Pakistan and my last wish is, that I would like to live in that place for one last time, as I’ve spent my childhood days in that region.”

The moment he said that I was completely hooked to it. That oldy uncle’s son said, “he always talks about going back to Pakistan, what’s the use if you’ll die then? Why visit Pakistan?” that oldy uncle said, “it may be Pakistan for you, but for me, it is still Hindustan. Today also I’m living in Hindustan and back then also I lived in Hindustan”

To know what else he has to say, check out the video below:

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Teresa Patel

Teresa Patel

Teresa Patel is pursuing her Bachelors in Civil Engineering. She is an active member of an NGO, Karwaan, Jabalpur. She is a dendrophile person who wanders into nature to find inspiration for writing. When not writing, binge-watching thriller and solving puzzles are her best past time. She's an engineer in making, working her way up.
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