The NASA’s cassini Orbiter ended its mission by diving into the Satruns atmosphere. For 13 years it studied the saturn system and made many revelations of the planet and its largest moon, Titan. Following to Cassini scientists are planning to send another mission to Titan, to get more observations of its surface, methane lakes, morphological features in the northern pole that look similar to the volcanic feature of earth.

According to a recent study by the Planetary Science Institute (PSI), these features could be evidence of cryovolcanism that continues to this day. These findings shows that Titan has internal heating mechanism and interior ocean, which indicates that planet has life in its interior.

Their study, “Morphologic Evidence for Volcanic Craters near Titan’s North Polar Region,” was recently published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets

The study was conducted by Charles A. Wood – a data scientist with the PSI in Tucson, AZ – with the assistance of Jani Radebaugh, a Professor of planetary science at Brigham Young University who was also an associate team member with the Cassini radar science team.

As they indicate in their study, the volcano-like features in Titan’s northern polar region are unlike others identified on the moon’s surface – such as dunes, rivers, or lakes, all of which are likely the result of atmospheric processes.

Moreover, the presence of morphological features –small depressions and such collapse craters  –  is additional evidence of cryovolcanic activity.

The proximity of these features to Titan’s famous northern lakes of methane is also quite telling.

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