Title: Summer of second chances

Author: Andrea Hurst

Genre: Fiction

Ratings: 4/5

Publisher: Independently Published

Andrea Hurst has described the wonders of Moonwater lake with her pen in a deeply thoughtful way.

The main idea behind the book is moving-on. The book also portrays the alluring relationship between dog and man. It tells us how important it is to let go of things and accept some intriguing changes.

Characters Description

The story is about a teenage girl who is sixteen-years-old, Shelby. Her mother Dana, do not stick on one man and this thing annoys Shelby. The author paints an exquisite picture of Shelby’s life in this book. The book starts with the introduction of Shelby and her messed up life. Further, it takes us to the life of Theo, a citizen of Moonwater lake where Shelby’s grandmother resides. The book is set in Moonwater lake which is a dazzling place. After coming to Moonwater lake, Shelby concludes that life could be so beautiful.

The protagonist of the story is Shelby, who is in her sweet-sixteen. She is a sweetheart who has immense love for animals be it Scarlett(her grandmother’s dog) or Gigi(her neighbour’s dog). Her father died when she was very young. She lives with her mother Dana who often migrates to different cities and Shelby hates this. She always has to leave her friends, old school and hates this feeling. She was left at Moonwater lake with her grandmother when her mother goes out on a trip with her boyfriend Gus. These summer vacations in Moonwater lake turns out to be best for her. She also starts dog walker business in Moonwater lake.

Another great character in the book is Theo, who lost his wife. He lost all hopes when his wife died. But when he meets Shelby at Moonwater lake, a tiny glimmer of hope appears in his life because of the positivity Shelby has. He also helps Shelby in her dog walker business.

Logan is my favourite character. He knows the real meaning of love, and is so kind and generous. He is a handsome looking guy who falls for Shelby, and the love story of these two beings is described so charismatically. However, he has a problem that his father Mr. Deluca doesn’t give much attention to them. However, The palpable chemistry between Theo and Shelby is described beautifully.

The author has blissfully described the other characters like Trevor, Eleanor, Gabe, Alice etc as well.

My Opinions

I personally enjoyed reading the book. The author has gracefully developed the character and that is what I enjoyed the most. The book also told us, that Dog mans best friend. Dogs can be the true therapist of any person no matter what the situation is. Whether a person is suffering from gut-wrenching loneliness or any other dilemma, relationship with a dog can be the best thing. The author also tells us, how much important moving on is. Rising above your disappointment is very important. I loved the ending of the story. The story also tells us that somebody’s care is very important to heal. Any person can heal if they see tiny glimmers of hope. My favourite part is the bit when Shelby and Logan had their first meeting.

Writing Style

Andrea Hurst did an amazing job, she has developed character very well. The dialogues used by her are very realistic which makes it easier to be inside the story. The title really defines the story of the book. It was really the summer of second chances in everyone’s life in the book. This book is amazing down to the last page. The pace was brisk and vividly rendered along with some great lines. Andrea Hurst wanted to show that dog could sense where they were needed, in which she succeeded.

Who Should Read This Book?

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a light read. Anyone who is facing problem in moving on should read it. It will leave readers with a great deal to think about ”How much faithful and helpful Dogs can be.” The book describes that relationship between man and dog can go far beyond explaining.

My Favourite Lines from Summer of Second Chances

* “You always have a choice, Shelby. Sometimes they are just not great ones. But you need to remember, you deserve to be happy. We all do.”

* “Countless years ago, legend said a lover’s kiss as the full moon reflects across the lake will connect two souls forever.”

* “How could you understand pain like this unless you’d felt it yourself?”

* Eventually, I figured out it’s just good to be yourself, and then the people you fit with will come to you.”

* “Sometimes a good cry is just what we need.”

About The Author

Andrea Hurst is the best selling Amazon author. She loves to visit the local farmers market when not writing. She also has experience of over 25 years as a literary agent and professional book editor.

Farha Khan

Farha Khan

I am Farha khan. I am currently pursuing BBA. I am a fun-loving and easy-going girl who has a huge interest in reading. Books are my first love. I am a very impatient reader and have a huge interest in psychotic thriller books. My interest is not limited to this genre, I can read books of all genre. I am a constant reader who never takes a break from reading. I love reading a lot and I love my books too. Besides being a reader, I am a writer too. I write blog posts, quotes, self-help articles, etc. You can connect with me through my social handles.
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