There are two theories for dinosaurs being wiped out from the earth namely volcanic eruption and asteroids collision. Recently, a new study from the UK bolsters the asteroid side of the debate, while adding a twist in volcanic theory.

The researchers say that volcanic activity helps life recover on earth rather than ending it. A major pool of scientists believes in the Chicxulub impact event as the cause of the dinosaurs’ demise.

The asteroid strike led to a 100 million megaton blast that completely changed the course of the earth. The strike generated the shock waves and thermal spikes that would have been devastating for everything in its vicinity.

Moreover, it released superheated rubble and melted rock in the air and mega Tsunami towards the coastline. The scale of impact of the strike is evident from the thousands of kilometers of the area having different animals die off.

Also, carbonate rocks were destroyed, which sent a large amount of carbon into the atmosphere, eventually creating the greenhouse effect.

The dust created in the impact remained in the atmosphere for a decade and as a result, cooling the climate and obliterating 75% of the life on earth.
There are much evidence supporting the theory of asteroid impact and recent study bolsters the evidence even more, while also saying that sustained volcanic activity after the impact helped life recover.

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