The researchers are saying that the Moon might be more metallic than they thought. And the same information comes from NASA as well.

The scientists of Miniature Radio Frequency instrument have found evidence about the iron and titanium distribution in the Moon surface. This could work as an aid in establishing a clearer connection between the Earth and the Moon.

The results are published in the paper in Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

From the evidence, researchers are saying that Moon is the product of the collision between a Mars-sized protoplanet and young Earth. Also, the chemical composition of the Moon closely resembles that of Earth. Still, due to several discrepancies, scientists are still researching the amount of contribution of the protoplanet.

In the Moon’s Northern hemisphere, an electrical property within lunar soil piled on crater floors was measured by the researchers. This is known to be the dielectric constant.

This property chamges with the size of the crater.

Essam Heggy, the paper’s lead author and co-investigator of the Mini-RF experiments says, “It was a surprising relationship that we had no reason to believe would exist.”

Also, meteors forming larger craters dig deeper into the lunar’s surface and therefore, the research team contemplated that change in the dielectric constants could be the result of meteors excavating titanium and iron oxides which lie below the lunar surface.

The larger craters with more dielectric materials are also more metallic. This suggests that more titanium and iron oxides have been excavated from the depths of to 2 kilometres than from the upper surface.

The researchers stress that the new study can’t directly answer the outstanding questions about the Moon’s formation but, says Heggy, “it really raises the question of what this means for our previous formation hypotheses”.

In the Moon’s southern hemisphere, the researchers have started the research to check whether the same trend exists there or not.

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