Title: More Than Us

Author: Ryan Jones

Publisher: Zenith Publishers

Genre: YA Fiction

Rating: 4/5

Release Date: 6th August 2020

A cute book with wonderful artistry of words.

Do you think love can save a depressed person? Do you think loss and grief make a person stronger?

In this book, Ryan Jones has highlighted the most common but unacknowledged issue – Depression. Most of us lack to understand this term and the concept. Ryan Jones, through her book, conveyed a much greater message to the people.

More Than Us is a story of Lora, who lost her brother to depression, meets and falls in love with a guy, Harper, who is struggling with depression as well.

This story starts with Lora finding Harper lying down on the roadside with his wrist bleeding red. The beginning of the story will hold your attention, completely. As Lora has already seen what depression can do to people, would she help Harper with it? And if she is willing to help him, would Harper open the doors for her?

I fell in love with the two main characters. Lora is just twenty, dealing with grief, has a part-time job and is a lot into books. She even loves to write and is working on her novel and I find this a bit cliche. Anyway, I find Lora cute because of her thoughts and feelings. She was close to her brother, William so, his death leaves her agitated and she daydreams a lot.

Harper is twenty, dealing with depression and trying to choose best for himself without hurting anyone. Harper shows his emotions through his paintings. I liked how he is so straightforward and doesn’t want to lose the chance and then regret later. He seems to be a bit mysterious in the beginning, but as he finds his home where Lora is, he opens up.

The other characters in this book are Lora’s parents who are trying to help Lora get over the loss, but some of their decisions have created opposite effects. Also, there is a nurse, Maggie, who is a total stranger to these two main characters, but there is no lack of sympathy as she has a son of their age group. I like Maggie because partly she has encouraged Lora to look after Harper. One more character is Lora’s roommate, but I felt she somewhat lacks her role as a roommate. But yes her roommate loves watching FRIENDS.

On the darkest days of Harper, Lora is trying to show him the light. Though they are strangers, Lora is ready to help him to deal with his depression. In between watching movies, discussing books and art, enjoying each other company, unknowingly, they both fall for each other. But is love enough to save someone’s life? What if there’s a part which your partner never shared with you?

I have read many books related to depression, but this book hits differently because of it’s writing style. The writing style is so different and unique that you won’t be able to get over this book for days. Ryan’s words define the weight of the character’s emotion. Some of my favourite lines from this book are –

Having no one in your life who loves you must be an awful thing. And it was this very thought, this disturbing hint of a stranger’s reality, that made me stay until dinnertime.

Her eyes were shovels digging holes in the side of my face.

I wished there was a way to protect people from themselves, but only the person who needs protecting can do that.

Thoughts could roam my mind, and eventually they’d get tired and sit down, but reality has nowhere to roam when it’s the most real of the things staring you in the eye.

We left his room untouched, trying to conserve as much of his existence as possible.

I turned to leave but Harper’s fingers clasped mine. I’d never held someone’s hand before, aside from Mom and Dad. He had such a grip that I was forced to turn around, his brown eyes pinned me into place. He said, “Lora, promise me you’ll come back.”

I am a bit disappointed by its lack of details. Also, the author has skipped a few years and then continued with the story. I would have loved if the author could have written about Harper’s life in those few years he wasn’t in touch with Lora, but still under depression. Also, there are a few questions where even Lora hasn’t got the answers. One of the lines from that describes my situation is –

He didn’t leave me with words, but he left me wondering with questions.

But yes, do not let this stop you from reading this book, because this is one of the cutest books that I’ve read this year. Though More Than Us is Ryan Jones’ first book, this book is going to win million hearts with its glorious writing style.

If you are a fan of All The Bright Places, do not miss this book. This book is coming out on August 6. Be ready to get your copy.

About The Author

Ryan Jones

Ryan Jones is a writer of More Than Us and editor residing in Southwestern Ontario. She loves a good book, a good cup of tea and snuggles from her cats. She strives to find the silver lining of every situation in life and hopes to inspire and comfort people through writing literature.

Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh is an Aerospace Engineer. She likes to read and talk about books. She loves to write and aspires to be an author and an entrepreneur.
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