We all know how fast the change is taking place in the world. We want to get advanced in every other ways. Even the authors are coming up with new books everyday. But in this all YA and science fiction world, we still have this author who is a master in an excetional genre.

Kevin Missal
Kevin Missal

Kevin Missal is the author of Kalki series, one of his successful works. Recently, he is releasing his book Hiranyakashyap which is the second book of Narsimha Trilogy. We decided to organise a giveaway for his latest book.

Naveya got to talk with this amazing author. Check out what message he has for his readers and the aspiring writers.

1. How mythology fiction did come into the picture?

Kevin: I think I was always a big lover of mythology fiction since the age of 12 I guess I used to read a lot of Greek mythology, Hindu mythology, Christian mythology basically any mythology I could get my hands on. Actually I don’t know why I just think it’s the cultural resonance it comes where it comes from what the whole world perceives. It’s like my writing and reading about Greek mythology I got to know more about Greece.

Then Roman mythology I learned about Roman and since it’s Hindu mythology, I learned about  Indians and you know Hindu mythology is the only mythology where people actually believes it true. It’s here with us and its history not mythology here but in Greece and roman people have believed that it’s mystical and magical. And the reason why I love Hindu mythology because it’s very diverse and complex and it can very well be connected to history.

2. When you published your first book Damien Black: The Battle of Lost Ages, you were degraded by your peers so, what kept you going and how did you overcome?

Kevin: I am pretty sure I didn’t overcome I didn’t write for like the next 3 years. but then at the end, if you are a truly born writer and you are into the craft of writing I don’t think anyone can stop you a few bad reviews can fold you back but then you get back to it.

3. How did you connect Hindu mythology with fantasy?

Kevin: It’s a very sensitive thing to connect Mythology with fantasy. It’s like I never connected with the intension of negative perspective but I took it as a very positive perspective like there are very hiccups in mythology like we don’t know what are the hiccups and there are very sources that are contradictory. So, I thought I would never make anyone happy by doing a particular thing.

I knew if I will add a fantasy tiring then readers will easily say this is fantasy this isn’t doing anything to my mythology so I wanted to be on the safe ground so I could do the fantasy thing.

Q4  You always wanted to write fantasy. But the thought that it won’t sell out in India stopped you. So, what made you think that way?

Kevin: Like historically speaking, in India, people don’t prefer fantasy. India is a country where reading is very rare. And it’s not as big as the UK and the USA market. It’s a very small market in India. Even though the regional market is very strong. The problem is people don’t want to spend money on books, they usually prefer going to the library or borrowing it from someone. But when it comes to buying books people don’t want to do it.

They only buy those books that they think that they won’t find any book comparative to that internationally.

So like if you will watch thriller like thriller market is so big internationally even in India people love to read thrillers but on the other hand, an Indian won’t read an Indian seller. Why? Because people believe they will write crime petrol or Savdhan India’s story. They have that sort of logic. So, we are still fighting in terms of books internationally. And I am taking a big risk for Sinbad series as it itself is a fantasy so let’s see how it goes.

Check out this video to know more about Kevin Missal and his future works.

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