Savi Sharma is a young writer and no doubt she mesmerised every reader with the launch of her novel, Everyone Has A Story and since then, she has never stopped slaying. She is the first female author to achieve a big success in India.

From the characters to the writing style of this author, the book is not so perfect but engrossing enough for the readers to just look up from the book once they start. If you are someone new to reading and looking for an inspirational read, Savi Sharma’s books are for you.

So, let us check out her books and help you pick your next read.

1. Everyone Has A Story

Savi sharma
Everyone Has A Story

Everyone Has A Story is a story of friendship, self-discovery and finding the meaning of life. It is an inspirational romance novel, framing four different lives interwoven together. Savi says that Everyone is a writer, some write books and some are confined to their hearts.

2. This Is Not Your Story

Savi Sharma
This Is Not Your Story by

This Is Not Your Story is a tale of 4 youngsters, based on fate and not choices. The story is quite predictable but it’s writing style handles it all beautifully. It is a light read and an inspiring book which will make you look at your life from a different angle.

3. Everyone Has A Story – 2

Savi sharma
Everyone Has a Story 2 Book

Everyone Has A Story – 2 is a sequel to Savi’s previous book Everyone Has A Story. This book is about those old four characters from the previous book with a different story and more challenges. Its language is quite poetic and appealing.

4. Stories We Never Tell

Savi sharma
Stories We Never Tell eBook

Stories We Never Tell is a story of Jhanvi who is a budding social media influencer struggling with the stories that she is afraid to share. This is a story of self-recovery, loss, hope and light.

So, these are the four books by Savi Sharma. Savi Sharma’s writing style is quite interesting if you are a new reader. Her books are inspirational but lack the artistry of words and appealing plotline.

If you are looking for mild reads, her books are for you.

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