Are you looking for peace? Aren’t you able to find it among people? Is it hard to scrape it out of the walls of your room? What peace means to you? What seems better to you – a sunrise or a sunset? If you’re not able to find peace and if you want to truly nourish your soul with a few words of wisdom and practical approach, here we are with five books that will not only help to nourish your soul. But help you define what is peace for you.

1. Silence: The Power of Quiet In A World Full of Noise by Thich Nhat Hanh

books to nourish your soul

A concise and practical guide to understanding and developing our most powerful inner resource that is peace or silence. This book will teach you how to find peace in the midst of noise. This book will teach you some techniques of mindfulness which are absolutely practical.

2. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

books to nourish your soul

Based on law of attraction, this book will show you the connection between your soul, mind and this vast universe. When you will read this book, you will be astonished by the truth it contains. You will be amazed how simple it can make everything around you.

3. Wild by Cheryl Strayed

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It’s a story of a girl who thought she has lost everything – her mother, her marriage and family. A girl lost hope and made an impulsive decision which led her to some deep truths of life. A lady who walked elevn hundred miles without any experience of hiking will give you some goosebump moments making you realise what matters to your soul.

4. The Artist’s Way Every Day: A Year of Creative Living by Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way Every Day: A Year of Creative Living - Kindle ...

This book contains 365 quotations culled from the author’s life itself. These quotations based on creative process will touch your life in the most unexpected manner. This book will teach you how to cultivate creativity. You will understand the relaltionship between creativity and spirituality.

5. Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein 

Spirit Junkie: A Radical Road to Self-Love and Miracles by ...

Through some life changing lessons, the author will guide you through your journey. A guide coming from an alcohol and drug consumer on shaping her spiritual journey is the most important book in this modern world. The author will help you in releasing all the resentments just by showing you a different perception.

So, these are the five books to nourish your soul. Our body takes rest but our soul stays awake all the time. The only way to give some rest to your soul is by learning to focus in your present. These five books will give you the techniques for the same.

Tell us in the comment section below which book helped you to nourish your soul.

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