You are here because rockets fascinate you. So, here we are going to tell you about the top 2 biggest rockets in the world.

1. Falcon 9

A medium to the heavy-lift launch vehicle, designed by SpaceX, Falcon 9 is the first and only rocket to fly and land its first stage after sending the payload to the orbit. Also, this is the first commercially designed vehicle to launch spacecraft to the ISS.

biggest rockets

Currently, Falcon 9 has flown successfully twenty-seven times including one in-flight failure and one ground test anomaly. Falcon 9 has also launched the Crew Dragon spacecraft to the ISS.

Falcon 9 has nine Merlin engines which are gimbal-mounted and control the pitch, roll and law movements. The Falcon 9 is a two-stage vehicle. It uses kerosene (RP-1) and liquid oxygen (LOx) propellants for both stages.

Falcon 9 Specifications

VariantFalcon 9 v1.2Heavy
LEO22,800 kg54,400 kg
GTO8,300 kg22,200 kg
Escape4,020 kg13,600 kg
Number of Engines9 Merlin Engine
First Stage Thrust17,10,000 lbf
Second Stage Thrust2,10,000 lbf
Payload Fairing Dimensions17 ft wide and 43 ft tall
Falcon 9 Height229.6 ft
Falcon 9 Diameter12 feet
Falcon 9 Specification

First Stage Specifications

First Stage Burning Time (before burning out and being jettisoned)162 Seconds
EngineMerlin 1D+
No. Engines9
Length41.2 m
Length (w/ Interstage)47.7 m
Diameter3.7 m
Empty Mass25,600 kg
Propellant Mass395,700 kg
Thrust (Sea level)7,607
Thrust (Vacuum)8,227 kN
Burn Time162 sec.
First Stage Specifications

Second Stage Specifications

EngineMerlin 1D+ Vacuum
Length13.8 m
Diameter3.7 m
Diameter (Fairing)5.2 m
Empty Mass3,900 kg
Propellant Mass92,670 kg
Thrust934 kN
Burn Time397 sec.
Second Stage Specification

Source: SpaceX

2. Saturn V Rocket

Saturn V rocket, designed and built by NASA to send people to the Moon. It is a super heavy-lift vehicle. It’s the most powerful rocket which was used in the Apollo mission in the 1960s and 1970s. Also, it launched the Skylab space station.

Saturn V - Wikipedia

Saturn V has the same payload carrying capability as the huge Nova. It consists of three stages which are fueled by liquid propellants. This rocket was launched thirteen times with no loss of crew or payload.

Saturn V is the tallest, heaviest and most powerful till now. To this date, this is the only rocket to carry humans beyond the low Earth orbit.

Saturn V Specifications

Height363 ft
Diameter33 ft
Weight6.5 million pounds
Low Orbit Payload Capacity2,61,000 pounds
Beyond Low Orbit Payload Capacity90,000 pounds
Saturn V Specifications

First Stage Specifications

Height138 ft
Diameter33 ft
Thrust76,00,000 pounds force
Dry Weight2,89,000 punds
Total Weight (Fully fueled)51,00,000 pounds
Number of Engines5 Rocketdyne F-1 Engines
Burning Time168 seconds
First Stage Specifications

Second Stage Specifications

No. of Engines5 Rocketdyne J-2 Engines
Height 81.6 ft
Diameter33 ft
Dry Weight80,000 pounds
Total Weight (fully fueled)10,60,000 pounds
Thrust11,00,000 pounds force
Second Stage Specifications

Third Stage Specifications

No. of Engines1 J-2 Engine
Height58.6 ft
Diameter21.7 ft
Dry Weight23,000 pounds
Total Weight2,62,000 pounds
Third Stage Specifications

These are the top two biggest rockets in the world. Let us know what else do you want to know.

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