Have you ever wished to be part of the time travel books and not the one reading the book? Does time travelling fascinate you enough to not sleep properly because you want to go back to your past to make things right or you want to jump to your future and check whether the efforts you are making in your present are worth it or not?

Time travelling never fails to fascinate people. The innumerous possibilities it holds are just beyond one’s imagination and that is what makes it much more attractive.

Here is a shortlist of best time travel books. Are you someone new to reading and looking for that book. Check it out, maybe here you will find out what you want.

1. Time Machine by H.G. Wells

The Time Machine: H.G. Wells' Groundbreaking Time Travel Tale ...

Time Machine is compelling science fiction. It is a journey of a time traveller who visits his future. The time where he arrives is different and a slap on humanity. He finds that people have divided themselves in terms of race. His machine is stolen, but somehow he retrieves it.

2. An Ocean Of Minutes by Thea Lim

An Ocean of Minutes by Thea Lim

An Ocean of Minutes is a beautiful and heartbreaking story of Polly who learns the cost of holding onto the past and the price of letting it all go. It is a story of two people, separated by time and united by love. When a deadly pandemic hits America, one of the lovebirds catches the virus and the other one decides to do whatever it takes to save her other half.

3. This Is How You Lose The Time War by Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone

time travel books

A time travel book full of romance is as thrilling as travelling in time could be. Amid war, two time-travelling agents fall in love and begin to exchange letters. A different story, but worth a read.

4. A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L’Engle

time travel books

A Wrinkle In Time is a classic Science Fiction which is the best for the new readers. This is a story of Charles Wallace Murry who goes back in time to search for his lost father and finds himself in an evil planet which is dominated by a huge brain known as IT.

5. The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

time travel books

This is a story of a sixteen-year-old time traveller, Nix Song, who travels the world with her father and their crew aboard a pirate ship. They have maps which allow them to travel not just to distant places but distant time. The father is only interested in visiting back to the time when his daughter wasn’t born and his wife was alive.

6. Into The Dim by Janet B Taylor

time travel books

This is an amazingly engaging story of a sixteen-year-old girl Hope Walton who loses her mother to an earthquake, later finds out that her mother is alive and trapped in the 12th century as she was the member of some secret society of the time travellers.

These are the six best time travel books. Share with us the time travel book that excites you.

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