To some people time is fascinating, to others it’s fascinating and there are also people to whom time is just like sand slipping off their hands. So, here we have a shortlist of non-fiction books about time to help you with the science, history and perception of time.

1. Borrowed Time: The Science of How And Why We Age by Sue Armstrong

non-fiction books about time

Scientists have struggled to know with a question like how organisms came into existence. Borrowed times contains mindboggling experiments. It talks about the future of science and its connection with us. This book comprises of interviews and profiles of some wonderful scientists.

2. A Brief History Of Time: From Big Bang Theory To Black Holes by Stephen Hawking

Buy A Brief History of Time: From Big Bang To Black Holes (Old ...

A popular science book by a genius mind helps you to understand the basic questions of our existence. From the theory of relativity, particle physics, quantum physics, the fabric of space-time and gravity, this book covers it all. The author talks about the fourth dimension, time, introduced by Einstein.

3. A Tenth Of A Second: A History by Jimena Canales

A Tenth of a Second: A History: Canales, Jimena: 9780226093192 ...

A Tenth Of A Second book talks about the nature of time, free will and causality. Also, it discusses the modern technologies that are changing the world.

4. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

non-fiction books about time

A book coming from a renowned historian talks about the future and the past of the humankind. It compels us to look ahead and not connect with four billion-year-old past.

5. When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

non-fiction books about time

When Breath Becomes Air is a biography of a 36-year-old guy, dying from cancer, realising the importance of time. We often lack to understand the significance of the present. This book discusses Paul’s life, his dreams and lessons.

These are the five non-fiction books on time. Comment the best one that you’ve read so far.

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