According to estimates, the cybersecurity industry will grow to a whopping 6 trillion by the end of the year 2021. This means cybersecurity experts will be on their toes to thwart attacks from cybercriminals who are getting better day-by-day.

To counter these sophisticated criminals, the industry needs high-end technology to not only counter cybercriminals but to stay ahead of cybercriminals in order to prevent any essential asset from being misused.

This requires sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to stump every effort of cybercriminals.

What is AI?

The level of misinformation around AI is Huge. Most people including top CEO’s when asked about AI always refer to super-intelligent robots and humanoids which almost every Sci-Fi Hollywood movie shows.

So, what really is AI?

To simply put it in layman terms, AI is software that tries to imitate human decisions in specific conditions. The human brain is a highly complex creation hence to replicate it fully with software is not possible.

AI as it is developed today focuses on a specific problem and replicates the human expertise in that specific field only.

For example in the detection of a particular disease, the expertise of an expert doctor can be modelled into the software using artificial intelligence techniques. This can help the expertise of doctors reach places where the doctor is not able to reach due to physical barriers.

The software can use his expertise to detect and in some cases even prescribe medicines under the supervision of other doctors.

Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

The use of AI in cybersecurity is being done by various companies to keep us safe and sound from notorious cyber-attacks and the success rate of such preventive measures is 85% to 90%.

One of the major aspects where AI is heavily used in cybersecurity is malware detection. When software is installed on a computer, the AI algorithm starts monitoring its behaviours and patterns to detect if it is doing something unusual.

A person would spend somewhere around 2-3 hours to detect these abnormalities in the software and by then the malware would have been installed into the system and essential data transmitted over the network. Advanced AI techniques use the checks and clues which human experts would use in a much efficient and faster way.

Instead of 2-3 hours time used by humans, it would take only a few minutes or even less by an Artificial intelligence assisted software to detect any unusual activity.

It will check for accessed API’s by the software, which files the software in question is accessing, it will look for if the software is using the camera, keyboard, and other essential input methods, the amount of processor power it is using in the system, the amount of bandwidth that the software is consuming and the data that is being transmitted over the network. All these operations a normal human being can also check but it would take time to do all this hence AI does all this in a very short time saving essential data and the system.

Case study

Vervive is an AI-Based company based out of Seattle, Washington which uses AI to help companies and organizations in differentiating between normal network activity and suspicious activity. This helps cybersecurity experts to work on the real threat instead of wasting time on a false alarm. It helps identify a chain of activities that lead to an attack this identification is very crucial to be ahead of the attack and make sure you remain safe from it.

Innovation in every field is the need of the hour. In AI as well people are innovating new products on a daily basis to help companies of all sizes to keep themselves safe from cyber threats. These products help companies in overviewing their network in a much efficient way even with a small team of network experts.

CybeReason is one such AI-based company that helps companies of all sizes in monitoring, hunting, and analysis of the threat. They have simplified a very crucial task of cybersecurity that is threat hunting. It typically requires a large amount of hardware as well as physical resources to effectively counter it. CybeReason replaces everything and makes it easier for them to do all this at just a fraction of cost.

Another player in cybersecurity using AI is spark cognition, which helps companies in fighting malware, Ransomware, Trojans, and so on. the application of its AI-based techniques is very varied and is used in a variety of sectors from Aviation to manufacturing and finance. These innovative products bring AI products into the mainstream and help tackle various myths that exist around AI.

Protection against file-less attacks

File-less attacks and zero-day payload execution is a cyber-attack that requires profiling billions of files in order to detect an attack it is important because organizations and companies receive on daily basis hundreds and thousands of files and manually checking each incoming and outgoing file becomes an impossible task.

AI comes into play here and it makes detection of threat in a single file from a bunch of thousands of files very easy using its advanced artificial intelligence techniques. Companies pay a small amount of money for the AI-based software and it keeps them secured from such attacks.

Protection against harm full emails   

Let’s face it we all have received malicious and phishing emails at some point or the other. It is a very common phenomenon where attackers send bulk emails to attract innocent people into one or the other hacking technique.

Now think if we as normal internet users are attacked using emails, what level of risk would high profile companies be?

Is it assumable at very high risk?

AI is used to prevent such emails from hacking crucial data of companies. The AI platforms help in countering breaches spear phishing and loss of data due to these harmful emails.

It helps companies build email filters that check both outbound and inbound emails for such harmful content. Real-time dashboards are used to monitor the health of the internal infrastructure.

Prevention of Bot traffic

Bot traffic is used to take control of internal infrastructure and breach financial transactions over a network. AI tools have been developed to monitor such automated bot traffic.

These tools stop these bot traffic and use AI to connect millions of points at the same time to counter any such bot attack. These bot attacks if not tackled properly can cause a major concern for companies as it will lead to more load on their servers.


The traditional understanding of artificial intelligence needs to be countered with its application in today’s world for everyone to understand its importance and need. In cybersecurity especially, we need AI to give a helping hand to humans and keep them one step ahead of cyber attackers.

From preventing network breach to preventing malicious email attacks, AI is used everywhere in cybersecurity.

We need to get over with the image of a robot whenever we think or talk about AI. It is AI which will be used in securing the world from any digital attack in this digital arena.

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