Sudha Murty has won million hearts through her beautiful stories. Her books reflect social issues, affection, family and much more. In 1950, August 19, this lady was born and with years she has become an inspiration for most of us.

On her honour, we are sharing the best books by this wonderful woman.

1. The Bird With Golden Wings

sudha murty

A collection of beautiful stories. The stories are not just unique but different. These stories will take you back to your childhood. Also, it contains good illustrations and therefore, are best for the kids.

2. Wise And Otherwise

sudha murty

Wise and Otherwise inspires you not only through people’s struggle but through their other stories. All the stories in this book will connect to you.

3. How I Taught My Grandmother To Read: And Other Stories

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This book accounts real-life stories of one of Sudha Murty’s student who frequently played truant from school. It consists of inspiring and hilarious stories which will teach you some of the valuable lessons of life.

Here are the three best books by Sudha Murty. If you want to make your kid develop the reading habit, you can start with her books.

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