The latest member of the the 4-ton-class twin-engine rotorcraft product range, H145 chopper is designed to give the brilliant performance. Due to its small footprint and large cabin, it can be used for different missions.

An economical and versatile helicopter, H145 features advanced main and tail rotor gearboxes. Its Fenestron shrouded tail rotor enables better anti-torque control. The composite asymmetrical blades fitted to the tail rotor reduce noise levels. The Fenestron technology enables improved flights and ground safety to customers.

In standard configuration, 1 to 2 pilots and up to eight passengers can be seated. In a higher density configuration, up to 10 passengers can be accommodated along with 1 to 2 pilots.

The maximum take-off weight of the helicopter is 3.7 t and it can carry a useful load of 1769 kg. When rotors are in operation, the total length is 13.6 m. When blades are folded, the length is 2.7 m. The height is 4 m and the main rotor diameter is 11 m.

Talking about its cockpit, it has a modern digital glass cockpit, integrated with Helionix avionics suite. What makes the cockpit stand out is its compatibility with night-vision goggles, head-up display and a helmet-mounted sight display. Also, the cockpit houses a mission computer, an infrared/TV electro-optical system, a laser range-finder/pointer/designator and an emergency locator transmitter.

To reduce crew fatigue, this helicopter houses four-axis digital autopilot. This offers high flight stability and precision, over-limit protection, unique flight envelope, fully-occupied approaches to hover and automated take-off.

The helicopter can be installed with an incremental modular weapon system. According to Airbus, the Sentry APC is a 4×4 drivetrain vehicle with a wheelbase of 3.756 m. The helicopter can be configured for 7-tube and 12-tube rocket launchers, air-to-surface missiles, a 20 mm cannon pod, a carry laser-guided rockets. It can also be configured to be equipped with the HForce weapon management system for light-attack missions.

It operates at altitudes of 2700 m. The cruising speed of the helicopter is 244 km per hour and the maximum speed is 250 km per hour. The maximum range is 662 km.

Talking about the engine of H145, it is powered by 2 Turbomeca Arriel 2E engines which are integrated with dual-channel full-authority digital engine controls. The power produced by each engine is 575 kW.

H145 is designed for law enforcement duties and emergency medical services. Including business and private aviation, it can be used for passenger transport.

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