Being an extremely accurate point to measure body temperature, the eardrum is recessed inside the head. But who would like anyone to get their eardrum touched by a thermometer? These are so fragile, right? Digital ear thermometers, known to be tympanic thermometers, measure the temperature inside the ear canal using an infrared ray.

Every object around us radiate an infrared. We, humans, can’t detect the IR energy. The digital ear thermometer can detect subtle changes in infrared emissions. When we get close to the fire to get warmer, that warmth is infrared energy. We absorb infrared energy.

The Pros & The Cons of An Ear Thermometer

According to Mayo Clinic, digital ear thermometer is good for kids older than six months. These aren’t recommended for newborns. Also, these thermometers give the result real quick and are comfortable for adults. Earwax is a major disappointment while using these thermometers as it may cause a disturbance in the accuracy.

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