Smartphones have replaced landlines, calendars, alarm clocks, diaries, mp3 player, torches and what not! Smartphones were introduced among humans to make their life easier. Isn’t it? But lately, scientists have observed how smartphones are leading to damage our physical, mental and social lives.

Technology addiction is real, and unexpectedly, it’s eating out the lives of people. Here are a few reasons why you need to ditch your smartphone.

1. Smartphones Steal Your Presence of Mind

Haven’t you observed how people have started repeating every sentence because no one is listening at once? Phones have altered our mind to such extent that now it has become our habit to keep on checking our phone without really knowing.

2. Smartphones Make You Stressed

Most of the people with smartphones are trying to find the reason behind the heaviness of head that they experience all the time. A study at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden came to the conclusion that high usage of smartphones is directly related to depression among humans.

3. Smartphones Damage Your Hands, Neck and Eyesight

Now you don’t need to understand any big concepts to understand this, right? It’s not like it happens suddenly, but gradually over time. You observe you understand, you refuse to accept it.

The human head is heavy and when we tilt our head down to look at our phone, it increases pressure on our cervical spine as much as 60 pounds. Using phones has also introduced a term, text claw which describes soreness caused due to excess usage of phones.

4. Smartphones Disturb Your Sleeping Patterns

Looking at LCD screens upsets your sleeping pattern to a greater extent. The blue light emitted from the screen develops a particular hormone, melatonin, which induces sleep. The good news is that iPhones and Androids have taken action about this introducing filters to the blue light. Also, apps have adopted dark modes.

5. Smartphones Can Actually Make You Unlikeable

What’s the big deal? Everyone uses their phones! A study at the University of Essex found that your mobile phones can make people have a negative impression of you.

We hope you’ve understood why you need to ditch the most precious thing of your life. Man it’s high time! It’s taking your life.

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