Teacher’s Day is not so far anymore. During the pandemic, nothing seems far anymore. September 5 is celebrated as Teacher’s Day, but then why to be grateful for the wonderful teachers we have in our life for just one day?

Here are some of the books that you can choose from to gift to your teachers.

1. A Beautiful Mind: The Life Of Mathematical Genius & Nobel Laureate John Nash by Sylvia Nasar

Teacher's Day

A dramatic and powerful story of a mathematician John Nash who won mental illness battle to win Nobel Prize. A true story and inspiring story will provoke you to rethink your potential.

2. Chicken Soup For The Soul: Teacher’s Tales by Jack Canfield

Teacher's Day

Jack Canfield has never failed to amaze and inspire its readers through the stories. This book has 101 inspiring tales of teachers. What’s best is that it not only talks about teachers but all kinds of kids a teacher has to face.

3. Tuesdays With Morrie: Mitch Albom

Teahcer's Day

Tuesdays With Morrie mainly consists of conversations between a young man and his dying professor college. This is a heartbreaking story and teaches lots of lessons.

4. Teach Like Your Hair Is On Fire by Rafe Esquith

Teacher's Day

A book coming from a numerous award winner will give you all the techniques, exercises and innovations that can help you become a better person.

5. To Sir With Love by E. R. Braithwaite

Teacher's Day

This is a story of a dedicated teacher who changed the air of the school. This man won al the battles against odd.

Tell us about your favourite teacher and what book are gifting to them this Teacher’s Day.

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