Sleeping is something that youngsters prefer over everything but unfortunately is unable to get enough of it. In this fast pacing world, the main reason for the sleepless nights and increasing insomniac is a distraction. We are so afraid of missing information trending on the internet, that we have made a habit of checking out social media again and again.

Can’t this be cured through something? Yes Yes! It can be. What if you know how much harm you are doing to yourself? If you know how sleep can really heal all the anxiety and worries that you are having. So, here are some books for you which will help you to enjoy proper sleep.

1. The Sleep Revolution by Ariana Huffington

sleep books

This book highlights how our sleep culture is altering our decision-making skills and health. The author talks about all the science and what exactly happens when one sleeps. This book recommends various helpful tips and techniques that can help our sleep to get on track.

2. Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

sleep books

Why We Sleep will answer the following questions –

  • How do common sleep aids affect us and can they do long-term damage?
  • How do caffeine and alcohol affect sleep?
  • What really happens during REM sleep?
  • Why do our sleep patterns change across a lifetime?

Bill Gates recommend to read this book.

3. How To Sleep Well by Neil Stanley

sleep books

The author teaches how to take control of your sleep. This book discusses what all factors affect ones sleep and helps to discover the root causes of sleep deprivation. Through 36 years of experience, the author helps you to sleep peacefully.

These are some of the best sleep books or sleeping pills! We hope you have found the solution to enjoy a peaceful sleep. Share with us what you are reading currently.

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