Title: Narasimha – The Mahaavatar Trilogy Book 1

Author: Kevin Missal

Genre: Mythological Fiction

Publisher: HarperCollins India

Published On: 10th June 2019

Rating: 4.5/5

The childhood tale of the legend Narasimha gets a new twist!

In the pool of mythological fiction booming every now and then, Narasimha stands out. Written by Kevin Missal, Narasimha is the first book from the Mahaavtar Trilogy. This tale is set in the period when there was a tension between the Asuras and Gods. We see Narasimha as a soldier/fighter who has moved out of the war grounds and become a physician at a local village. But what made him leave the war? Well, once he was the finest warrior until he killed an innocent being. His life took a 360-degree turn, and he switched his ways of living. 

The story begins with the killing of Kayadhu. She is the mother of Prahlad and the wife of Hiranyakashyap. In the absence of Hirayankashap, Lord Indra breaks the treaty between the Asuras and Devas. This betrayal takes a toll on the Asura Lord; hence, he seeks help and support from other powers to avenge. Meanwhile, Narasimha is now staying aloof and low profile. He has no more interest in siding with either of the parties, be it on God’s land or the Earth. 

The story has been narrated from the viewpoint of many characters. And a reader can not conclude who is right or wrong. Narasimha is asked by his friend; Lord Shiva to help him deal with these revengeful acts by the Asuras. And he knows the world will end if he doesn’t. Since Nara was considered as the avatar of Lord Vishnu, he now must avenge for the Lords. 

But will he return to the field of blood that he once left on will? Is it the same story our grandmothers’ told us during the festival of Holi? Well, to know that you must read this book NOW! It is a book of sorrow, vengeance, loyalty, and faith. This tale will leave a reader confused about the blacks and whites of the world.

To me, this book is a well structured and written piece. It is nothing like I thought I knew. The cover gave me goosebumps, and hence, reading it through was not an option but a choice. I always thought I knew all the stories of mythology pretty well, but reading this book gives me rather another sight of the story. It is a great book that has astonishing fantasy-driven in the world of Asuras and Devas. I think I can now replace my Holi tale with this one! 

Kevin Missal has used the right technique of writing – characters that depict the tale as a whole. There is no character that a reader can justify, and call the hero or the villain. It is a rather vicious circle that goes on revolving from one person to the other. I feel the writing is pretty refreshing, and the vocabulary is not very tough. It is a book that has used appropriate references and writing style. 

My biggest take away from this text is the unapologetic context of characters and actions. There is no HERO or VILLIAN. There is no party to take the whole blame. It is something I have seen no one till date doing in any literature piece. I feel the most moving aspect for me is the decision Simha has to make. Whether he returns to the war or he chooses his peace of mind. The decision is something that decides the course of this book and the sequels. There are so many mystical elements in the book that a reader like me who adores myths and fantasies will enjoy reading this rather captivating book! 

If you like to read text or literature about mythology, Gods, and Asuras or even if you are mesmerized by the tales told by your grandparents when you were a kid; this book is for you. If you are like me, and you love to explore well-drawn and sort-after characters, this is your read to pick! 

Please Note: A mythological/fantasy fiction is, as the term suggests, a pure work of imagination and creativity. It does not mean that the stories we are told earlier or even till now are false or incorrect. In such texts, authors get the creative liberty to reinterpret or recreate their version of the local tales. 

About the Author: 

Kevin Missal

Wrote his first book at the age of 14, Kevin Missal is the St Stephens graduate who wrote the bestselling author and a fulltime writer, with the first two books in his Kalki series being a big-time success. The Kalki Series was a full house sold out with 1Lakh copies under the roof! 

Kevin loves fantasy fiction and has always been a fan of mythology. His books have been featured in publications like The Sunday Guardian, The New Indian Express, and Millennium Post.

Sahiba Singh

Sahiba Singh

Sahiba Singh is a 28-year-old marketing professional. She is a literature graduate and found her first love to be strategically marketing brands. Reading and writing are her passion and she loves to explore the work of new and upcoming authors. She is working on her own book which will comprise of 10 short stories about love is love. She resides in Delhi and currently helps home-grown brands to market themselves and reach the right audience. She proudly calls herself a Bookaholic and has more than two long bookshelves occupied with the literature of all times. Her favourite writers are Jane Austen and Bronte sisters. She adores the work of playwright William Shakespeare. She actively advocates about mental health awareness and body positivity.
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