Smartphones have changed the air of this era. With the changing world of technology, we have trapped ourselves into more ways of getting distracted. When you check your smartphone the first thing in the morning, you start your day with distraction which affects your ability to prioritise tasks.

Most of the people think that their smartphone has all the facility. People think of themselves as the master of their smartphone, but the truth is, smartphones are the master. Smartphones are owning our life and God knows what will happen if one day its brain similar to humans will develop.

Here, are some of the reasons to tell you how checking your smartphone the first thing in the morning is affecting your life.

1. Increases Anxiety & Stress

When we wake up in the morning, the sudden bombardment of messages and emails causes stress. Definitely, we don’t figure it out the very moment, but it affects in the long term. It affects our brain severely. Every time we wake up and touch our smartphone, our brain goes through a sudden change of activity (from relaxing to getting overwhelmed). This results in making you feel heavy throughout the day.

2. Hijacks Time & Attention

When we check our phone, in a way, we just take a glimpse of others life. It’s more like a free advertisement platform for every other person. When we see someone’s picture, we think about them and then the next picture causes the next thought and the next picture and so on. These thoughts hijack our fresh thoughts, opinions and ideas.

When we see a new email, we allow our mind to get occupied with the outer world agenda. Instead of starting our day focusing on ourselves, we waste that time in reacting to other people’s things.

3. Reduces The Ability To Prioritise Tasks

The excess information to our brain before we are fully awake interferes with our ability to prioritize tasks. When we check our phone, our brain releases dopamine, a neurochemical that gives you the feeling of being rewarded. The brain desires dopamine strongly, so it makes you do the same activity again and again which led to the release of dopamine in the first place.

In today’s world, this is the most important thing that people need to understand. There’s a way to come out of this loop.

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