September 7 is celebrated as Brazil Independence Day. Brazil, being the biggest country in South America, is one of the most diverse countries in the world and so is its rich literature. From poetry and magic to famil drama and non-fiction works, Brazilian authors have covered everything.

Here’s a list of 7 must-read books which talk about Brazil.

1. Dom Casmurro by Machado De Assis

brazil books

Published in Brazil, Dom Casmurro is known to be Machado De Assis’ gretaest work. This is a story of a guy, Bento Santiago who is in lover with his neighbour and marries her against the promise of becoming a priest that he made to his mother. But after getting married, he is not sure thathis son is of his own.

2. The House In Smyrna Tatiana Salem Levy

Brazil books

A powerful story coming from a young Braziian novelist teaches how to move forwards in life by returning to your origin.

3. Captains Of The Sands by Jorge Amado

Brazil books

This is a story of a gang of orphans, known as Captains of The Sands, living in a slum area, goes against the rights and privileged Brazilians. What happens when the public outcry demands the capture of this gang? This book holds rich culture and wild landscape of Bahia.

4. The Three Marias by Rachel de Queiroz

The Three Marias (Texas Pan American Series) eBook: Rachel de Queiroz, Fred  P. Ellison: Kindle Store

This book is about a girl growing in a seaport town of Fortaleza, highlighting the perspective of an idealisic and gradually maturing girl.

5. Ways To Disappear by Idra Novey

brazil books

A famous Brazilian novelist disappears all of a sudden. Her curious disappearance provokes her’ translator, Emma and her two kids to figure it out. It’s suspenseful and brilliant.

6. I Didn’t Talk by Beatriz Bracher

I Didn't Talk by Beatriz Bracher

A professor is all set to retire and move to the countryside, due to the chaos that his memories have created.

7. With My Dog Eyes by Hilda Hilst

With My Dog Eyes by Hilda Hilst

With My Dog Eyes is a story of a college professor who is struggling to reconcile himself with his life as a husband, a father and a member of university.

These seven books will give you a good glmpse of life in Brazil. The Brazilian authors have never failed to impress the world with their wild, funny, romantic, suspenseful and hear moving stories.

Tell us about your favourite book by a Brazlian author in the comment section below.

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