The boredom of 2020 is beyond ones handling. This pandemic has put a temporary and unexpected stop to most of our lives. Did anyone ever think that there would be a period when you won’t be allowed to shake hands? Definitely one can’t go outside to get rid of this constant boredom, but one can stay inside and enjoy more of it by reading these books on the pandemic. Here are 8 amazing pandemic books, of course fictional, for you to read.

1. Pale Horse, Pale Rider by Katherine Anne Porter

pandemic books

Pale Horse, Pale Rider is a collection of essays including one of the essays named – Pale Horse, Pale Rider in which a woman is bedridden due to fever during influenza with her childhood memories and her fears for her fiance on his way to war.

2. A Beginning At The End by Mike Chen

pandemic books

This is a story of rebuilding a city, divided between se;lf-governing cities, hippie communities and wasteland gangs. After six years of the global pandemic, a dormer pop star has created a new identity.

3. The Great Believer by Rebecca Makkai

pandemic books

This is a story of loss and tragedy amid a blooming friendship. A development director who is flourishing in his career and is about to bring his amazing collection to 1920s painting as a gift to the gallery is struggling amidst his friends who are affected by AIDS.

4. The Stand by Stephen King

pandemic books

America is in the grip of a virus. It starts with a man who crashes his car into a petrol station, brings the deady body of his wife and daughter and then dies. It doesn’t take long for the virus to spread across America.

5. Love In The Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

pandemic books

A romantic novel, originally published in French will hold your atteniton up to the very last page. This is a story of two people, falling in love and then facing what love brings wih it.

6. Year Of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks

geraldine brooks

This is a story of the year 1666 when plague struck a small Derbyshire village. This is a story of struggle of a young woman who tries to save her family.

7. Beauty Salon by Mario Bellatin

Beauty Salon by Mario Bellatin

This is a story of a hair stylist which offers a refuge to the sick people who have nowhere to go. This is a quite disturbing and lingering story.

8. The End of October by Lawrence Wright

The End of October by Lawrence Wright

The thriller encompasses the story of a deadly virus and the affected world. What happens when a mysterious fever is discovered to be something dangerous enough to kill the entire world. And what happens when one of the person affected by it goes to join the millions of worshippers in the annual Hajj to Mecca.

The coronavirus has made it hard for people to see anything beyond their own troubles. These pandemic books will tell you what it feels to get really lost amid an affected world.

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