With advancing technologies, people don’t remember how to learn faster anymore. But as the competition is going up, people are seeking ways to learn faster. Being a quick learner can help you in long run. So here, we are going to tell you ways to learn anything faster.

1. Teach Someone Else

Teach someone or just pretend that you’re teaching. Why? Our mind is packed up with thoughts, it’s hard to arrange when something is in there. When we speak it aloud, we start to put energy in directing our thoughts so that they come out properly. Now, that you have arranged your thoughts, it has become easier to remember.

2. Take Notes By Hand

Instead of typing something on your phone or laptop, take notes using a pen and paper. This keeps your mind more active which helps you to learn better and faster.

3. Wrap It Up In Short Bursts

When learning something new, do not sit for more than 50 minutes. When you decide to complete a particular thing in a short period of time, your brain automatically focuses because of the urgency created. Before starting the next session of learning, take a small break of 5-10 minutes.

4. Take A Power Nap

Downtime helps to retain the information for longer period of times. After studying for a longer period, simply take rest. Your mind needs rest. By taking a power nap, you can actually boost your energy of learning anything.

5. Use Mental Spacing

When you try to grasp a lot overnight, forgetting stuff is most likely to happen. Instead of covering it all in a go, do it over a period of time. When we water a plant for straight 90 minutes once a week is less beneficial than watering a plant 3 times for 30 minutes in a week.

These are the five ways which can help you to learn faster.

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One thought on “5 Ways To Learn Anything Faster

  1. Point #3 is an important one for me. That’s how I’ve memorised about 800 Chinese characters this year. By taking baby steps and having 20-minute sessions every day instead of a ‘typical’ duration of one hour or more. Thanks for this post. I enjoyed it!

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