We are always taught to please others and care about other peoples happiness. We always think that being selfish is not a good thing. But somewhere in our heart, we all know that if we aren’t of love, how are we supposed to give. If we aren’t full of happiness, how are we going to make others happy?

So, it’s high time underestimating your self-worth. Let us jump to the reasons why you should put yourself first.

1. It Makes You Confident

When you put yourself first, you start accepting yourself. Once you accept yourself and get comfortable with yourself, you reflect confidence. Your life is improved. You value yourself as much as you value others. Who doesn’t like to be with people who are comfortable with who they are?

2. It Sets A Standard

You really need to understand that you should treat yourself as you want others to treat you. If you’ll keep yourself last, everyone will keep you last. But once you treat yourslef better, you set standards and people treat you the way you demand to be treated.

3. You Understand Your Worth

If you are always ready for the things that you aren’t really ready, people will take you for granted. They will misunderstand your kindness and helpfulness; they will take you for granted. Once you set the standard, learn to choose what you really want to do and not be a people pleaser, people understand your worth.

4. Your Relationship Improves

Every relationship in our life improves. Once we start choosing quality time over quantity, we improve our relationship. In a love relationship, space and time spent alone are important because when you are better as an individual, you are able to love your partner better.

These are the four reasons why you should always put yourself first. When you’ll invest in yourself, you’ll be able to give more to other people.

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