Title: Loveboat, Taipei

Author: Abigail Hing Wen

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary Fiction

Rating: 3/5

Loveboat, Taipei is a story of Everett Wong, Ever, who is bound with her parents’ hopes and expectations, leaving her dreams far behind. She is just 18. Her parents want her to become a doctor but she wants to continue with her dance.

Loveboat is a summer camp where all the Chinese students come thinking it to be some strict educational program. But there’s more to it because it’s nothing like strict. Nightlife is what students live for there.

Loveboat, Taipei is full of romance and fun. Students discover what they have always been afraid of. I liked how the author loves relating everything to nature. And the author’s sarcasm is super lit.

This novel totally shows that the author has experienced most of it her real life. She has described the place so beautifully that you’ll fall in love with it.

This book also talks about how Asian parents are strict with their children. They do not allow dating, clubbing or even choosing one’s dreams. So, this explains the need for the main protagonist urge to break all the rules.

There are several small things about this book that one can’t stop thinking about, for example, someone sending sketches to the Ever Wong. Also, this book gives out the message that when people should talk more about the things that aren’t talked.

Also, somewhere this book lacks the enthusiasm and centred around the life of Asians which makes it lesser relatable. The love triangle is somewhat confusing. But then that is what happens in our teenager years. The language is pretty simple.

Beginners can go for this book. If you are someone who love young adult contemporary fiction and you think you have read good books in that genre, do not pick this one. Mostly, Asian people should read this book.

About The Author

Loveboat, Taipei

Abigail Hing Wen was born in West Virginia to a family of immigrants: Her mother (林麗鳳) is from the Philippines and her father (邢永瑞) from Indonesia, and her grandparents emigrated to those countries from Fujian and Shandong provinces in China. Abigail grew up in Ohio and graduated from Harvard University and Columbia Law School. She attended the actual Loveboat program in Taipei as a young adult.

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