Subconscious mind is a part of the brain that no one really knows where it is, but it is. It is there because it holds immense power that a human can use. From salesman to a big business owner, everyone has used this power to gain most out of their job. People use the power of their subconscious mind in their everyday life.

When one tries to gain knowledge of the power within oneself, he or she will never fail. So, today I am going to talk about the best books that I’ve read to understand the significance of the subconscious mind. I suggest you read all of them to understand how the world works and how you can make the world work for you.

1. The Magic of Thinking Big

The Magic of Thinking Big: David J. Schwartz: 9780671646783:  Books

The Magic of Thinking Big is a book which will give you practical techniques to understand how to bring your mind to use. This book emphasises on the potential of a mind. This book will teach you why it is necessary to make big pictures in someone’s mind in order to get the work done.

2. Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

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Our subconscious mind can be used to achieve every possible thing. The author in this book has talked about the principle of success which has changed the life of many big personalities. This book discusses why it is important to act on what you know and believe in order to become a successful person.

3. Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol

subconscious mind book

Magic of Believing is full of story and science of the subconscious mind. The author claims that there is a whole science behind our subconscious mind. The author also discusses how our thoughts, repetitive suggestions, holding the mental picture, etc play an important role.

4. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

subconscious mind book

As the title suggests, this book will help you use your subconscious mind in making money. It’s not like you will get a bundle of notes on the road; this book teaches you how to be money conscious.

5. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

subconscious mind book

This book about the subconscious mind will teach you how to practically use the idea. It emphasises how sleeping plays an important role in achieving what you desire.

These are the five books that you must read if you want to know what power you have within. By following all the techniques in these books, one can achieve greater success in life.

Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh is an Aerospace Engineer. She likes to read and talk about books. She loves to write and aspires to be an author and an entrepreneur.
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