What do you use social media for? To connect to your friends and relatives? That’s all, right? But what if we tell you that this is a big trap woven crazily and perfectly for you? Here are the books which will tell you about the social dilemma we are going through.

1. Deep Work by Cal Newport

Humans can’t stand waiting in a line for five minutes without the source of entertainment. We keep on checking our phones, training our mind to not be able to concentrate even for a few seconds. Deep Work will tell you why it’s important to embrace boredom and quit social media if you want to work.

2. Trapped In The Web by A. N. Turner

Trapped In The Web: How I Liberated Myself From Internet Addiction And How  You Can Too by A.N. Turner

A. N. Turner has understood how the internet is not a harmless addiction, but a pretty addictive and destroying one. Through his book, he will teach you how to get rid of this addiction.

3. How To Unplug From Social Media Freak by Harrison West

Amazon.com: How To Unplug From Social Media Freaks: A Beginner's Guide To  Breaking Social Media Addiction eBook: West, Harrison: Kindle Store

Most of the people are so drowned in the sea of social media that they have become alone in real life. This book will teach you how to save yourself and get out of the awkward situations that are often created because of gadgets.

4. The Loneliness Cure by Kory Floyd

The Loneliness Cure: Six Strategies for Finding Real Connections in Your  Life eBook: Floyd, Kory: Amazon.in: Kindle Store

The Loneliness Cure is the boo that you need during these times of your loneliness created by the advanced technology world. It teaches the power fo socializing in person.

5. How To Break Up With Your Phone by Catherine Prince

social dilemma

Is your phone the first thing that you see in the morning? You can lie to us, but not to yourself! This book will guide you to break up with your phone in just 30 days.

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6. OFF. Your Digital Detox For A Better Life by Tanya Goodin

social dilemma

OFF is a short bible which will help you to live a better life just by logging off from your social media networks and turning off the notifications of every app.

7. Stop Staring At Screens by Tanya Goodin

social dilemma

The technology was introduced to bring comfort to our lives, but it turns out that it doesn’t support the cause anymore. This book will help you to recognise the key triggers.

8. The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing To Our Brains by Nicholas Carr

social dilemma

Nicholas has highlighted how technologies are rerouting our neural pathways. This book will change your perception of social media forever.

These are the books that you should read if you want to understand the reason behind the social dilemma. Some of these books can help you in changing your habits. These books will guide you to live your life stress-free.

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