Title: The Secret To Teen Power

Author: Paul Harrington

Publishers: Simon Pulse

Rating: 4.5/5

Genre: Self-Help for teenagers

The Secret To Teen Power is a part of The Secret books released by Rhona Byrne. This book holds the same concept that has been talked about in all the other The Secret books, Law of Attraction. Delivering the right knowledge of the subconscious mind, Paul Harrington has thoughtfully written this book for the teenagers.

Teenage days are known to be golden days yet are the most painful days of one’s life until adult life happens! The Secret To Teen Power helps to unveil the power within you. The Law of Attraction, is the most discussed power for years, along with examples and stories of young teenagers is documented in this book.

This book starts by revealing the secret and giving information about how to use it. It covers all the significant aspects of life including relationship, health, money, environment and life itself. This book also teaches you how to use the Law of Attraction to develop better connections with yourself. Each chapter includes an introduction, real-life stories, methods and techniques to implement.

The science of the subconscious mind is explained in many books. This book explains it in the simplest way. If you are a teenager struggling with grades, bullies, parents, peers, pocket money, insomnia, social status, your bike, dreams, willpower, relationship or any other thing that I’ve missed, this is the book for you.

I can’t guarantee that this book is going to help you because being a teenager is so difficult that you do not need another thing that messes with your life. But if you allow this book to help you, apply its methods, I assure you that you’ll find the way. Because this is how the world works, whether you believe it or not.

About The Author

Paul Harrington is the producer of The Secret film. Paul not only transformed his own life but also managed to read thousands and thousands of letters from people around the world who had used The Secret to begin living the life of their dreams. With The Secret for Teens, Paul’s dream is for teens around the world to understand the power they have over their own destinies to confidently launch themselves into the world! And create a life that is nothing short of a masterpiece!

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Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh is an Aerospace Engineer. She likes to read and talk about books. She loves to write and aspires to be an author and an entrepreneur.
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