At a certain point in our life, we may have had this fantasy where we got superpowers or wished we had some ability which made us stronger. To be more precise, recollect how Captain America got his powers? Or on the other hand, how Tony Stark utilized his insight and innovation to conquer his inabilities and turned into a superhero? In these movies, aside from exhibiting a fabulous portrayal of the work of IoT, there was another zone where they grandly showed the potential outcomes? It is Human Augmentation.

What is Human Augmentation?

In simple terms, Human augmentation is the technology that enhances human productivity or the capabilities of the human body or mind. The main aim of this phenomenon is cognitive and physical upgrades in the human experience. While being an idea which despite everything remains moderately obscure, the advancements in this innovation intend to offer improvements in crucial areas like human health, quality of life as well as performance.

Majority of the time, they are being designed to assist individuals with satisfying their enduring want to be more intelligent, quicker, sturdy, and alluring. Also, their function is to construct new capacities that seemed like sci-fi in the relatively recent past.

Types of Human Augmentation

1. Replicating Human Abilities

Human augmentation that restores or replicates the classic human behaviour falls under this category. It does not provide any exceptional ability that most humans would not already have. These include hearing aids for the deaf, voice synthesizers for the mute, and prosthetic limbs for the disabled.

human augmentation

Replications provide equal opportunities to people who had undergone terrible accidents or for the ones who were brought into the world with insufficiencies and face obstructions while satisfying their consistent needs. We are starting to see advancement in prosthetics that are getting closer and closer to real parts.

2. Supplementing Human Abilities

human augmentation

It is the second level of human augmentation. Supplementing physical capabilities not only provide things that a regular human being has but enhances the ability to do things better. Human augmentation that increases our physical and emotional barricades could revolutionize our culture. Amplifying our strength, endurance, speed, and emotions could expand our possibilities.

3. Exceeding Human Abilities

human augmentation

The final stage of human augmentation is exceeding the potential of humans. This ability allows doing things that are physically impossible for humans to do on their own. For instance, it could include activities like seeing ultraviolet lights, the ability to fly, breath underwater, hear lower frequencies sound, and so on.

Achieving such technological advancement is going to take time in the future, but there are endless possibilities for it. These abilities are going to change the perspectives of point of views and help us achieve many great things.

Progress of Human augmentation

In the course of the most recent couple of years, human growth has moved from medical examination to more innovative studies. Numerous individuals contend that human expansion includes a great deal of IoT and keen tech gadgets. However, that is just partially right. While the facts confirm that numerous appliances that we use today can be called expansions of our body, enhancing the human body implies substantially more than that.

The accurate enhancement comes from drastic improvement in the human body like the ability to run fast, or jump high without worrying about damaging your body parts. Any gadgets which you hold or connect to your body are just an expansion of your body parts. We can consider these only as an abstract form of enhancement.

Considering that fact, here are a few of the best examples of human augmentation in the present world.

  • Brain-computer interference (BCI): This is a project by Elon Musk where an individual can interact with a computer or machine on a neural level. BCI is not only about sending information to the computer but also receiving new types of information from the computer. Though this idea is still conceptual, the possibilities are limitless.
  • Eksoworks: It creates exoskeletons that give artificial strength and endurance. These can be used in industrial or rehabilitation purposes to achieve significant tasks with safety and reducing injuries and fatigue. Their uses include construction, physical therapy, and many more.
  • Hololens 2: Created by Microsoft is a mixed headset which allows user to design and manipulate objects in holographic form. We can make use of it in domains like designing 3D objects, attending virtual meetings or classes, gaming, and other applications.
  • The Ambassador: It is an earbud created by Waverly Labs that translates foreign language in real-time, eliminating the need to learn a new language. It is still not entirely reliable, but it is still a great initiative.

The Resemblance of Ultimate Goal

Automation is not the future, human augmentation is

— Former Oracle Director

Humans have always strived to improve their natural abilities. This curiosity has enabled us to alter and enhance ourselves more than ever before. After talking and knowing deeply about human augmentation, one cannot resist what the ultimate human would look like, or what the last objective people will accomplish. The only resort we have is to do nothing but wait, as we can enhance the majority parts of the human body. There are endless possibilities.

human augmentation

The main objective which will concern everyone would be the security issues that might meddle with the augmented humans. It might be a problem for the audience to accept this idea. Hence, the augmentation needs to work smartly with the internet. Over the long haul, it is possible to change society’s perspective on this. Therefore, what is in store for human augmentation is not yet clear.

Harsh Mehta

Harsh Mehta, an intern at Utkarshini Edutech is a final year engineering student. He was a part of the organization’s ‘Student Development Programme’.

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