Chemical engineering is a branch of engineering which uses principle of mathematics, biology, physics, economics and of course, chemistry to use, design, produce and transform material and energy in an efficient manner.

This branch of engineering includes the study of various manufacturing processes and optimisation techniques. Also, this branch of engineering focuses on the study of materials that is solids and structures and thermo-fluids. Also, it includes energy and material balancing.

Chemical engineering is used for designing and processing at a large extent. So, it also includes numerical analysis and learning fluid and particle mechanics.

In the industrial area, the temperature is an important aspect and that too when working with chemicals. It covers on heat transfer and thermodynamics widely. Also, chemical process industries is taught in chemical engineering.

Along with mass transfer, this study also involves the chemical reaction engineering. With the usage of chemicals comes the pollution, which is very well taught in this study of engineering.

To work in an industrial area, one needs a good knowledge of the processes and techniques to be used. In chemical engineering, they focus on process instrumentation and control and energy resources. Transportation of chemicals and anything related to that needs to be under utmost care. So, storage and transportation processes are also included in the this study.

Designing is one of the important aspects be it anywhere in the industry and so it includes process equipment design.

This engineering is one of the most important studies and its scope in future is vast. From automobile to aviation, experts from this branch of engineering are always required.

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