Ocean engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the study of operations and designs of the manmade systems in the marine bodies. It includes the study of the advanced part of marine technology.

What All It Covers?

The ocean engineering study includes the basic engineering sciences which are taught in every other engineering studies. This branch also includes different subjects from electrical engineering, electronic engineering, acoustical engineering, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering.

In core subjects, you will learn core study areas of Naval architecture and ocean engineering. Also, it focuses on ship strength, hydrostatic and stability. Also, you’ll learn marine hydrodynamics, resistance, and propulsion.

It study includes Computer-Aided Marine Design (CAD), production and planning. Also, marine systems knowledge is an important part of this study. Some institutes focus on marine construction and welding, and vibration of floating structures.

As designing and technical skills are important for oceanography, this branch of engineering also opens a way to different oceanographic disciplines including chemical oceanography, marine biology, physical oceanography, marine geology and geophysics.

Research Areas In Ocean Engineering

The field of ocean engineering also creates a vital link between fluid mechanics and structural engineering. The research field that is covered under this are –

  • Hydrodynamics of offshore structures
  • Subsea pipelines, risers and cables
  • Wave structure interaction
  • Port and harbour structures
  • Remote sensing
  • Underwater acoustics
  • Coastal structures
  • Shore protection
  • Ocean optics
  • Offshore structural engineering
  • Ocean renewable energy
  • Marine instrumentation

It helps in different industries like offshore oil recovery, renewable energy, global climate monitoring, marine transportation, marine metals and corrosion, environmental protection, underwater vehicles, defence, architecture, etc.

Ocean engineering holds a great scope in the world of water. There are different jobs available as well as a higher education option. With the right skill set and bold personality development, an ocean engineer can read to the unexpected height.

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