Happy Halloween season!

Are you excited about spooky pumpkins and costumes? And what about the books? Are you ready for the creepy read this Halloween? Let us jump to the list of the best creepy reads for this Halloween.

1. Cinderella Is Dead by Kalynn Bayron

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Are you ready for an interesting twist in the classic fairytale of Cinderella? This is a story of Sophia who doesn’t like the idea of being traded in a ball dance, she is in love with her best friend Erin. When she attends the ball dance, something goes wrong and now she has to run for her life. She finds herself in Cinderella’s tomb and meets someone who shows her the power that she owns.

2. Ghost Wood Song by Erica Waters

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This is a story of Shady Grove who calls ghosts using fiddle, but she is well aware of the consequences. When her brother was accused of murder, she couldn’t let it go. She decides to take help of the deads.

3. Through The Woods by Emily Carroll

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This book consists of five fairytales that have gone terribly wrong. The story titles are – Our Neighbour House, My Friend Janna, A Lady’s Hands Are Cold, His Face All Red and The Nesting Place.

4. This Is Not A Ghost Story by Andrea Portes

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This is a story of a house that was waiting for the key to settle the long-ago grudge and finally has found one – Daffodil Franklin. Daffodil has finally found a good job and a good mansion. After some days she starts feeling eyes on her every day on her way back to home.

5. You Were Never Her by Kathleen Peacock

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This is a story of Cat who had her first kiss with Riley Fraser during her summer vacations spent in a town her family founded. Now when she comes back to the town, she founds the news that Riley has disappeared. She has to make a choice between helping Riley’s brother in discovering the truth or just go back. Her choice can put her in a killer’s sight, what is she going to do now?

These are the five best creepy reads for this Halloween that we have chosen. Tell us what are your plans for this Halloween in the comment section below.

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Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh Chandel

Ekta Singh is an Aerospace Engineer. She likes to read and talk about books. She loves to write and aspires to be an author and an entrepreneur.
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