December 22 is celebrated as the Mathematician’s Day. One can’t deny the fact that mathematicians are the people who have helped to develop our foundation. And they will always help us to move forward in every day life. Let us check out some of the biography of mathematicians that were written by brilliant people themselves.

1. Women Who Count by Shelly M. Jones

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This book portrays the life of twenty nine African American women mathematicians. This is a must-read for children and parents. It is a sort of children’s activity book.

2. Emmy Noether by Helaine Becker and Kari Rust

Emmy Noether | Kids Can Press

This book highlights the life story of one of the most influential character of the twentieth century. While growing up, she wasn’t all te things tat a German girl is expected to be, but she was genius at math. This is a story of a women who stood for herself in a male-dominated era as well as field.

3. Hypatia of Alexandria by Maria Dzielska

biography of mathematicians

This is a biography of a mathematician, Hypatia who was murdered by a mob of Christians in Alexandria in 415. This book talks about her journey and gives an insight into her wonderful world.

4. The Man Who Loved Numbers by Paul Hoffman

biography of mathematicians

This is a biography of a prolific mathematician, Paul Erdos, who published 1500 scholarly papers in his entire lifetime. In the entire history, no one has thought about math problems as much as him. He had determining passion as well as ordinary emotional skills.

5. Harmonies of Disorder by Norbert Wiener

harmonies of disorder

This book is an autobiography and includes sociological and philosophical aspects of Weiner’s thoughts. In this book, he has talked about his brilliant interwar career as a mathematician. Also, he has highlighted many of his previous science works during the World War II.

These are the five biography of mathematicians which will not only encourage you to explore this field more, but also inspire you to move ahead in your career.

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