After a strong dose of 2020, we certainly hope for a better next year. Though it was a year of terrible industrial fall, it was also an year of rise for individuals. Now, people know there potential better and are ready for whatever comes in 2021. And whatsoever happens, one thing is certain that books and authors will always keep up with their readers.

Let us check the list of the most anticipated books coming in 2021.

1. The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

Another book coming up next year by the bestselling author of My Lovely Wife is a thrilling one. It is a story of girl finding love, a perfect looking man and a wife who refuses to stay buried. Can anything be more thrilling than this?

2. A Splendid Ruin by Megan Chance

A Splendid Ruin by Megan Chance

This is a story of Kimble who lost her mother, founds her aunt which she didn’t know existed and lands in a wealthy family living in a mansion. Later she discovers that the walls of the mansion are brimming with dark secrets that were never discovered.

3. Do No Harm by Christina McDonald

Most Anticipated 2021 Books

This is a complex and emotionally intense story of desperate mother who ahs to save her child’s life from cancer, but at the same time is dragged into the dark world of murders and drugs.

4. One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

Most Anticipated 2021 Books

This is a story of August who doesn’t believe in magic and cinematic love stories. She thinks that life is meant to be spent alone amid boredom and train electrical failures, until she meets a gorgeous girl on the train.

5. The Intimacy Experiment by Rosie Danan

Most Anticipated 2021 Books

This is a story of Naomi Grant, co-founder of sex-positive startup and Ethan Cohen, one of the hottest bachelors of the city. They team up to host a seminar seies on Modern Intimacy and end up finding the spark between them.

These are the five most anticipated 2021 books. Tell us which book are you waiting for in the comments section below.

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