A poem can provide you home and heal you in ways nothing else can. That’s the magic of a poem. What happens when such aids are there in the world for feminism?

Let us know the 5 best feminist poetry collection to read.

1. the princess saves herself by Amada Lovelace

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This isn’t a fairy tale. This book explores various themes namely loss, love, grief, empowerment, inspiration, feminism and healing. This book consists of four sections. The first three sections portray the life of the author and the last section is more of a note to the readers. This book is the winner of the Goodreads Chice Award for Best Poetry in 2016.

2. The Sun & Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

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This most stunning poem collection explores various themes like feminism, migration and empowerment. This book consists of four sections. Never once, the author went off track from her poems.

3. She Must Be Mad by Charly Cox

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She Must Be Mad is the book for every woman who is surviving and thriving in today’s world. This book portrays various aspects including the beauty and pain of love, the agony and the relief during the transformation from a girl to a woman.

4. The Girl and the Goddess by Nikita Gill

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This is a journey of a girl’s strength, beauty and growth. Through different cultures and religions, the author has portrayed a beautiful story poem. Nikita Gill has never disappointed her readers.

5. Fluency in Feminism by Ekta Singh

Fluency in Feminism is a collection of poems full of compasion and feminism. This poetry collection portrays the real emotions of women across the globe.

These are the five feminist poetry collections that are going to touch your heart and push you to stand for yourself.

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