Once the uncertainty of the short days,

Those long naps,

The darkroom and the silent phone returned,

With Dull eyes and a sinking heart.

I got to know myself newly,

And I realised

They couldn’t control me anymore,


They tried to control how others see me.

Sometimes I just keep thinking,

How and why did they come into my life,

Made a bond with me,

And later invited me

To swim in their poisoned waters.

I never thought of giving up on them,

But I had to let them go,

Not because I didn’t care

It was just because they didn’t care.

The next morning, I awakened differently.

I accepted that life goes on.

I realized it was the best gift,

Anybody could have handed me over.

I closed this chapter of being hurt,

Because I deserve happiness.

I’m stronger than I ever was,

Holding on doesn’t make me strong,

But let it go, yes.

It’s no big deal not being a superwoman all the time.

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