Escape rooms have become a sensational form of entertainment in today’s world, with several unique and authentic escape room games popping up all across the globe. Regardless of gender, demographics, age, or any other differences, people continue to enjoy playing these games with their family, friends, or even co-workers.  

The joy of playing an escape room game has engrossed people so much that one may come across quite a few puzzle-themed novels inspired by these escape rooms! Once you step inside an escape room game, you will feel as if you are transported to a whole new world, detached from your everyday reality. You will need to solve the puzzles and dig up the clues to get out of these escape rooms.  

For people who enjoy their share of escape room games, here are five immersive puzzle-themed novels inspired by the notion of escape rooms. Check it out now: 

1. The Da Vinci Code: The Young Adult Adaptation by Dan Brown

puzzle-themed novels

Dan Brown has always remained a classic name for thriller novels, and The Da Vinci Code has long remained a bestselling thriller novel for several fanatics. The book’s story revolves around the religious symbology professor Robert Langdon.  

The reworking of the old classic portrays professor Langdon with a younger and fresher look. The book is set to give teenagers the thrill and excitement of reading Brown’s classic novel.  It will take readers from the streets of Paris, all the way up to London, on a tour of famous landmarks. Langdon is in Paris to give a lecture and has also scheduled a meeting with a revered curator of the Louvre Museum.  

Suspiciously, the curator never arrives and is found dead later at night. Langdon is taken to the Louvre, where he finds some clues left for him to decode. Will Langdon be able to solve the clues with the aid of the French cryptologist Sophie Neveu?  

2. Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov 

puzzle-themed novels

Articulated by the Russian author Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire is a puzzle-themed novel filled to the brim with challenging and tricky puzzles. The tantalizing puzzles revolve around a commentary written by John Shade (fictional) based on a thousand-lined poem.  

The narration becomes more thrilling as we have only 999 lines of commentary of the 1000-lined poetry since Shade was shot dead by an assassin. All these factors are related by the narrator and poetry analyst named Charles Kinbote. Several questions start to arise in the mind of readers, like Who is Kinbote? What was going to be the last line? How will one read the novel?  

You can read this novel several times, only to come up with intriguing and new ideas each time! 

3. The Tournament by Matthew Reilly 

puzzle-themed novels

The Tournament is its eleventh novel of Reilly and is an international bestseller. The novel’s plot follows the young Queen Elizabeth I while she gets wrapped up in a chess tournament gone wrong. Back in 1546, while Europe feared the powerful Islamic empire, the Sultan sent out invitations to all the kings in Europe. 

He invites them to participate in an epic chess tournament like never before, set to take place in Constantinople. All the guests, including Queen Elizabeth I, arrive, and soon after, mysterious and brutal deaths start to occur. Corruption and sexual affairs also begin to become commonplace. It becomes clear that winning the tournament may not be the only goal to achieve…. Can Queen Elizabeth I navigate across the puzzling affairs taking place around her? 

4. Fingersmith – Sarah Waters 

puzzle-themed novels

The historical crime novel presents itself as a cunningly and cautiously constructed plot, opening up like an intricately-designed Chinese puzzle box. The field of the book is much like a maze and remains filled to the brim with unexpected twists and turns.  

The novel’s events are set in Victorian London and revolve around orphans, swindlers, deception, desire, betrayal, and much more. Sarah Waters’ work emerges as a masterpiece of intricate and puzzling plot that keeps you hooked until the end.  

5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – J. K. Rowling 

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Amongst all the other novels of the Harry Potter series, the fourth book is nothing less of a puzzle-themed narrative! The novel’s plot revolves around the Triwizard tournament, where three wizarding schools of the world come together for an epic game.  

All the tasks in the tournament will test the strength and wits of the selected wizards and witches. After entering the game, Harry must compete against the other three champions to complete the set of tasks ahead of him. Can he solve the puzzles and win the Triwizard cup, or is there more to the plot than what meets the eye? 

So, these are some of the best puzzle-themed novels every puzzle lover needs to check out. Pick up these books on your cart and read them for a thrilling escape room-like chase in the world of books! 

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