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The Enigmatic Creation is home to diverse bookworms, book reviewers and curious minds. We connect the inspiring authors to their readers, help storytellers to find their kindred spirits, recommend books to the lost readers and quench the thirst of the curious minds.

In this busy world, many of us aren’t fortunate enough to snuggle our nose in between the pages of a book. So, here we are to turn those hundreds and hundreds of pages for you and tell you what’s hidden beneath that charismatic book cover. 

We create a platform for story readers to seek the imagination of their kindred spirit and see the dance of the monsters, witches and several invisible worlds in their minds. We believe that our imagination is what creates our world. So, we bring you the best fantasies across the globe.

A lost reader is a burden to one’s own mind because this world can never be deprived of books for her or him to find one. TEC lightens this burden by choosing your What’s next?TEC brings people from different walks of life together to share their bookish lifestyle.

There is no limit when it comes to Science because the deeper you dig, more curious you will become. TEC is a home to several students stuck in between their engineering courses. 

The need for motivation is similar to the need of daily meal and we understand this. We bring to you the better ideas which help you to see life from various angles.

If you’ve authored any book, you can get it reviewed by our enthusiastic book readers. 

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“We know what we are, but know not what we maybe.”

William Shakespeare


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